Secret Apex Legends Easter Egg found near Mirage Voyage


Apex Legends players have uncovered another easter egg inside World’s Edge, this time centering around Mirage and his growing backstory.

For the past few weeks, Apex Legends fans have been taking part in one huge Easter Egg hunt across World’s Edge and the Firing Range practice map. This was all sparked by the Respawn Entertainment team hinting at secrets being unfound despite the game being out for nearly a full year.

Players quickly found easter eggs relating to Star Wars, bringing the practice dummies to life, and even going into third-person. Yet, a new one has been uncovered inside the Holo-Day Bash area of the Mirage Voy’age – and it comes from an emotional datamined phone call. 

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Respawn Entertainment - Apex LegendsThere’s no telling which Legends might merge next.

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The secret was uncovered by Reddit user ElektrikGamer, who showcased the location of the audio recording on the Apex Legends subreddit

In the clip, Mirage can be heard recording a somewhat emotional message to his mother, telling her about his limited-time event, as well as trying to strike up a conversation. They asked me to take over the games for a bit during the holidays, it makes sense, you know,” says Mirage. “I mean, give the fine people of the Outlands what they want, right?”

However, the bamboozling legend has to remind his mom of his name, and exactly who he is, seemingly – with his tone of voice changing from his normal cocky self to becoming slightly more reserved.

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Some players pointed out that this is likely another part of his lore – trying to do something good for his seemingly sick mother, as well as using his real name of Elliot.

“All aboard the feel train. It’s near the regular train,” added willers1080. Another going by the username Aussy5798 commented: “That was kinda sad.”

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Anyone who wants to find the recording in-game will just have to go near the Mirage Voy’age and take a look through a few of the rock formations that are in the surrounding area. 

The Respawn team have dropped plenty of lore hints since the game has been released, with some hinting at more content than others. Whether or not this will lead to anything bigger, however, remains to be seen.

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