Three ways Crypto needs to be buffed in Apex Legends

Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends players have been learning the ins-and-outs for Crypto since he launched at the start of Season 3, leading some players to think he could use some buffs.

Respawn Entertainment has been steadily growing its cast of Apex Games competitors, with the latest being a Recon class known as the Surveillance Expert.

While players found his Drone to be incredibly useful to scout out regions ahead, there are some who wish the airborne bot could have come packaged with a bit more utility to make use of on World’s Edge.

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Respawn EntertainmentWhile Crypto’s strengths have made him a popular Legend with many, there are some who think a few buffs could go a long way to making him “more viable.”

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To give the Surveillance Drone added functions to its utility belt, Reddit user ‘greetthemoth’ gave three ways to buff Crypto’s ability kit.

To start, they would update the Drone’s mechanics so that activating Q (Tactical ability) would drop the drone. It would protect Crypto and his team by “aiming behind [the player].”

Reactivating Q would give the player control of the Surveillance Drone to use it as a recon like usual.

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Greetthemoth thinks the proposed Crypto buffs would go a long way to add “more immediacy and tacticality to his kit” while letting players have a way to activate the Legend’s Ult without leaving combat.

The second buff gives players a way to rummage through Death Boxes from afar. The change would give the Drone the capability to sift through boxes and ping the loot inside.

“[The buff] brings Crypto’s info-gatherer aspect to a whole new level,” they said, which would give teams a much safer avenue to path out how the want to navigate the battlefield.

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Respawn EntertainmentThe suggested Apex Legends buffs are heavily inspired by Crypto’s “info-gatherer aspect.”

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Combined with the first buff, skilled players would be able to loot in one direction while systematically moving the drone the other way to see which Death Boxes are worth opening.

The third buff doesn’t really introduce a new concept, instead Pathfinder’s passive Insider Knowledge is brought into Crypto’s ability kit.

They go further to suggest that Insider Knowledge should be something that Wattson or Crypto should have in the first place, instead of Pathfinder.

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Either way, these ideas would go a long way to improving Crypto’s capabilities, and open up more ways for Apex Legends trios to make use of him.

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