How to find the Star Wars easter egg hidden in Apex Legends

Respawn Entertainment

Just days after the Apex Legends community found an exciting easter egg on the battle royale’s Firing Range, a Respawn developer has revealed the location of another Star Wars related secret hidden in the game’s lore.

Apex fans have been in an easter egg fever in the past few days, after developer Rayme Vinson revealed there were secrets hidden in the practice playlist, and Respawn writer Manny Hagopian joined the fun soon after with a Star Wars teaser.

According to Hagopian, who was responsible for much of the writing and lore in both Apex and Fallen Order, there was a secret tidbit hidden somewhere in the game that saw the two franchises crossover, even if in just a small way.

Respawn EntertainmentManny Hagopian has revealed what the Fallen Order easter egg hidden somewhere in Apex Legends is.

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Hagopian started the hunt by revealing the existence of the secret, before adding a few clues to the mix, including “His Witt is worse than his bite, but his bite travels a long long time and a far, far metric distance to feed his future,” and “the two may be far, far apart but with the right ingredients they may be related.”

After 24 hours of letting players hunt for the egg, the developer confirmed it had been found by one particularly willy player, and revealed the details of the secret for all his followers so they too could enjoy the Star Wars crossover.

“We got a winner!” Hagopian declared on December 5 after a player revealed they had discovered the secret. “Mirage’s great-grandfather is named after the lovable food-obsessed pilot of the Stinger Mantis: Greez Dritus.”

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Considering the last egg earlier this week saw the Firing Range battle dummies come to life and open fire on players, Respawn’s writer admitted his “wasn’t as cool,” but it’s still a very interesting crossover for fans of both games.

“Not as cool as killer dummies but this was before the launch of JFO – so there you have it!” he added. “Thanks for playing, friends! The rabbit holes our great fans will travel down to find easter eggs is as awesome!”

There’s also a few bragging rights heading Apex fan 4wayPen’s way, after they were the first to correctly guess the answer: “It’s not Gryz Witt (Mirage’s great-grandpa) and Greez Dritus (Pilot of the Mantis) having weirdly similar names is it?”

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While Hagopian’s Fallen Order easter egg was a little smaller than the Firing Range secret, there’s no doubt it’s a cool crossover and opens up a lot of possibilities for more of these fun community hunts to continue into the future.

And, considering the Star Wars connection has been in the game since before the Fallen Order title first released, it stands to reason there could already be other similar secrets littered through World’s Edge—so keep your eyes peeled!