Respawn won’t rule out Titans ever coming to Apex Legends

Ash from Titanfall alongside TitanRespawn/EA

Respawn Entertainment has, again, refused to rule out the possibility of having Titans in Apex Legends but they’re still yet to find the right solution to make it happen. 

With Apex Legends and Titanfall existing in the same universe, fans of both of Respawn’s franchises have been desperate for more crossovers – especially the Titans.

Over the two year and a bit years that Apex has been around, there have been multiple rumors and supposed leaks about Titans being added to the game – with some claiming that they may even be locked to a future, unreleased legend.

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Respawn has, on a few occasions, said they wouldn’t bring Titans into Apex – noting that the robotic beasts aren’t in the game’s current roadmap back in April. However, they have tried to test them.

Apex Legends Valk flyingRespawn Entertainment
The devs still have a lot of Titanfall content they want to bring to Apex.

The topic was, once again, brought up ahead of Season 11: Escape, with Respawn’s Steven Ferreira making mention of them when talking about the increasing size of Apex’s maps.

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Ferreira noted that maps are “potentially” going to keep growing in size, but is unsure if continually increasing the size of any new maps will be the answer that brings Titans into the Apex Games. “Whether or not they’re going to be big enough to support Titans, that’s not actually the defining issue with Titans,” the Respawn Team Director said.

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“We’ve tried Titans a few different times, in building prototypes through Apex and looking at what our new features are going to look like. There are some balance issues that Titans bring to the game, that we are yet to find the right solution to. Doesn’t mean we’re not going to find the right solution, but I don’t think making the map bigger is going to be part of that solution.”

Titans have been rumored to appear in Apex Legends since it’s launch.

As noted, it’s not the first time that Respawn has said that they’ve tested Titans, so it seems there is some interest in making them happen. Though, who knows if they ever will.

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Some fans have called for a Titan-filled LTM so that they don’t interfere with the main BR mode, so maybe that is a route for Respawn to take.

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