Apex Legends players still want Respawn to add customizable death box looting

Julian Young
Apex Legends Death Box UI Customization Season 10 With Logo
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Season 10 of Apex Legends may have ushered in a host of changes to Respawn’s battle royale, but many players are asking the developer to implement an ask that’s now been years in the making — changing the game’s death box looting menu.

There are plenty of things that Apex Legends fans have been petitioning developer Respawn to change since the game’s inception, but perhaps the most longstanding request of them all is the ability to further customize the death box looting experience.

It may seem frivolous to some, but death box looting can quite literally make or break a match — when you’ve just wiped an enemy team, and you hear the footsteps of that dreaded third party bearing down on you, nothing is more important than getting that armor swap off in time.

While the developer has made changes to the death boxes based on player feedback in the past, the community is once again calling for updates to the menu’s layout, or at the very least, for Respawn to give players a few different options to choose from.

Apex Legends Death Box UI Changes Reddit
Reddit / 'u/clothing_throwaway'
Apex Legends players are once again asking for changes to the death box menu.

One Apex Legends fan took to Reddit shortly after the launch of Season 10 to voice yet another request for changes to the game’s death box menu, and even offered up their own alternative design to boot.

In the updated version of the UI, icons for various items like armor, attachments, and consumables have been greatly reduced in size. Now, instead of taking up an entire row in the death box, several items can be squeezed into the same section, saving tons of space.

Plenty of the poster’s fellow Legends seemed to agree with their take on the death box menu, and the post garnered over 13k upvotes from fellow players. Many responses voiced support for the change, noting how much this mock-up had reduced the menu’s visual clutter.

Others took a more cautious approach to the changes. “I can see new players being confused, [but] if there can be a system to have both [menu options], then that would be dope,” one player suggested — similar to the existing in-game options for default or compact info prompts.

Although some players weren’t completely sold on that exact design, there was near-universal agreement that it would be nice to at least have the option of toggling between the current, detailed breakdown and smaller, but less descriptive UI design.

This is far from the first time that changes to the death box menu have been suggested, and the poster even referenced another Reddit thread that proposed a similar design change over two years ago.

Only time will tell if Respawn decides to tweak the death box menu further in a future update, but the topic certainly remains quite high on the Apex Legends community wish list — even as players get into the swing of the game’s tenth season, Emergence.