Respawn cracks down on Apex Legends DDoSers with ban wave

Crypto in Apex Legends on World's EdgeRespawn/EA

Respawn Entertainment have started cracking down on Apex Legends players who DDoS the lobby in other to pick up free wins and rack up ridiculous amounts of eliminations. 

Just like any other multiplayer game, Apex Legends has had its fair share of problems with cheating. From god mode hacks, to aim bots, and wall hacks, most players have had matches ruined by cheaters at some point or another.

The battle royale developers have, over the course of many ban waves, started rooting out these cheating and started to clean everything up. However, plenty of problems still persist.

In recent months, some trolls have been DDoS’ing matches so that every opponent lags out, handing them a free win, and the chance to pick up some insane numbers in the way of eliminations and damage.

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Caustic using Caustic Gas in Apex Legends artwork

Apex Legends Ranked DDoSers banned

It’s pretty prevalent in Ranked game where either the lobby will lag just as the game starts, making everyone but the DDoSers stand completely still, or you attack their team and then they deploy the attack.

However, Respawn are cracking down on it. On Twitter, Respawn’s security lead Conor Ford, aka RSPN_Hideouts, started responding to a few clips of DDoSers running wild, confirming that the devs were looking into fixing it.

It wasn’t long before he confirmed that the ban hammer was being swung again. “Console reckoning for DDoSers and DDoS customers incoming. You can’t hide any of it,” he tweeted on March 22, before joking about how many eliminations some DDOS’ers had racked up.

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The exact number of players who have been caught up in the ban is, at the time of writing, unknown. However, it is so prevalent and there have been so many reports that it should be a pretty hefty number.

It was only recently that Ford and the Respawn security team managed to get rid of nearly 1000 high-ranked cheaters. So, hopefully, the crackdown continues.