Peacekeeper ‘double pump’ glitch returns in Apex Legends Season 14

Carver Fisher
peacekeeper double pump bug

Apex Legends has always had its fair share of quirks when it comes to the engine the game is built upon, and many of its best mechanics are small exploits of that system. But some of these quirks are game-breakingly good.

The ‘double pump’ glitch allows the Peacekeeper and Sentinel to chamber another round without having to go through the animation. It was in Apex Legends for a short time in the past and got patched out.

Problem solved, right?

Well, with the slew of changes in Apex Legends Season 14 and the various tweaks made to movement mechanics, this bug is back with a vengeance.

Apex Legends ‘double pump’ glitch is back

The bug was posted to Twitter by user Mokey, on August 18, showing that it’s once again possible to cancel the Peacekeeper’s lever animation and drastically increase its fire rate.

Performing a double pump isn’t as easy as it looks. There’s a bit more to it than just shooting and swapping to your other weapon. Players have figured out that the steps required to perform this exploit go like this: (Shoot > reload > swap to secondary > swap back to PK/Sentinel)

Considering that the Sentinel is mostly used at longer ranges and comes stock with Deadeye’s Tempo anyways, it isn’t too big a deal on the weapon. Hipfiring a little faster won’t do much for you. But…

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The Peacekeeper is a whole different beast in capable hands with this exploit in the game. For players with fast hands, the PK’s base fire rate can be almost doubled.

In early fights, the PK outright beats all other weapons now because it doesn’t need a shotgun bolt to perform. High level Apex Players will no doubt know how to use and abuse this exploit to give themselves a massive edge.

As for what caused this bug to return, it’s really, really hard to say. But we do have some clues.

Tap strafing was accidentally nerfed following some slight tweaks to Apex Legends’ movement systems, and high level players immediately noticed.

Fortunately, Respawn rolled out a same-day update that fixed tap strafing with seemingly no issues. Seemingly.

It’s difficult to say whether or not this small hotfix is what did it or if it was a change from the original Season 14 patch that no one noticed, but what matters is that the bug is back.

Considering how strong this makes the Peacekeeper in capable hands, all we can do is hope that Respawn are able to identify the problem and roll out a speedy fix for this issue.