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Overwatch-inspired feature could make Apex Legends communication even better

Published: 22/Feb/2019 14:45 Updated: 22/Feb/2019 15:13

by Joe O'Brien


Apex Legends players are requesting an addition to the game’s communication system that would make ultimate availability clearer, taking inspiration from similar features in games like Overwatch.

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Overwatch players have been keen to adopt some of Apex Legends’ features – in particular the ping system, which allows players in Apex a variety of options for non-verbal communication.

It seems there’s an element of the Overwatch communication system that Apex players would like to see transfer the other way, however, which is the ability to see and communicate ultimate charge non-verbally.

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In Overwatch, which puts particular emphasis on the use and combination of ultimate abilities, players can see their team-mates ultimate percentage by hitting tab, with a glowing tick to make it clear when they’re available.


Though ultimates are less vital to success in Apex, being aware of what abilities are available to your squad is nevertheless useful, and Apex fan u/Exley209 created a concept similar to that of Overwatch to display ultimate charge next to the player icons.

u/Exley209’s concept would show ultimate charge next to player icons.
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In addition to the information being available when checked, Overwatch players can also alert their team-mates to the readiness – or lack thereof – of their ultimate ability with an alert that gives an audio cue and a text line stating exactly what percentage they currently have. A similar feature would seemingly fit right in with Apex’s existing ping system.


This isn’t the only update players have requested to improve clarity around the use of ultimates. With there currently being no distinction between friendly and enemy ultimates abilities, players have also requested a color-coding system to make it clear which are dangerous.

Respawn Entertainment have largely been focusing on addressing bugs in the weeks since the release of Apex, though with the developers having stated they’re keeping track of player feedback it’s not impossible some requested features like this could be added to the game in the future.