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This Apex Legends concept would make Mirage’s ultimate more team-focused

Published: 22/Feb/2019 9:04 Updated: 22/Feb/2019 11:07

by Joe O'Brien


An Apex Legends player has come up with a concept to improve Mirage’s ultimate ability.

Being a class-based game, the subject of Legend balance is inevitably going to be a contentious one in Apex Legends.

Though none so far have proven ridiculously powerful, leaving the choice more to preference than necessity, players have nevertheless identified certain Legends as being less useful than others.

Many players place Mirage on the lower end of the spectrum, with his ultimate ability considered as one of the weakest in the game. In the live game, when he uses it clones will spawn in a ring around him while Mirage himself becomes translucent – harder to see, but still technically visible if you keep track of him. During the stealth, Mirage cannot fire his weapons.


Respawn EntertainmentMirage is one of two Legends that must be unlocked with Legends tokens.

In order to both make Mirage’s ultimate a little more powerful and allow it to interact with squad-mates more, u/ChineseCosmo has proposed a change that would cause decoys to also spawn for nearby team-mates.

If any of Mirage’s team-mates are within a certain radius of him when he uses his ultimate, they would also spawn decoys that would spread outwards, with a varying number of decoys per player depending on how many the ultimate effected.


This change would encourage a greater degree of synergy between players, as many of the game’s abilities already do, whereas Mirage’s kit is currently very much centered around himself.


Others have suggested improvements such as simply making the existing decoys move, rather than stand in a circle as they currently do, or allowing Mirage to cancel his stealth in order to give him the option of firing back, rather than being stuck without a response in the event that he’s caught out.

Respawn have yet to make any balance adjustments for Legends, and if their philosophy on such changes follows that of their weapon balance, it seems likely they won’t want to be too trigger-happy on updates.

Nevertheless, with plans for new Legends to be added to the game throughout its lifespan, some adjustments may prove necessary to maintain balance, so fans hoping for an improvement to Mirage may eventually get their wish.