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Ninja banned from Apex Legends and nobody knows why

Published: 16/Dec/2019 19:55 Updated: 16/Dec/2019 23:43

by Eli Becht


Update: Ninja got into contact with Respawn and was told to check his direct messages. It sounds like the issue is getting resolved.

Original story below.

On December 15 when Ninja tried to load up a match of Apex Legends, he discovered he was actually banned from the game, and didn’t have any idea why or how it happened.

Since Ninja’s move to Mixer, he has been branching out into playing more games outside of exclusively Fortnite.

While he’s stuck with mostly shooters, he has branched off into games such as Dead by Daylight – something he played quite a bit before discovering Fortnite.


NinjaNinja’s move to Mixer has let him try a variety of different games without worrying about view counts.

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He decided to give Apex Legends another try – a game he hasn’t played a whole lot of outside of its initial release – and when he and Reverse2k tried to get into a match, they discovered Ninja actually couldn’t play.

On two separate attempts, Ninja was blocked from getting into a match before he finally gave up and switched to Dead by Daylight.

Ninja seemed pretty confused about the whole ordeal, and he didn’t have any idea why he was banned from the game. Considering he doesn’t play Apex Legends all that much, it’s not a huge loss, but it did hurt his night considering he had to download a sizable update before he could even start playing.


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What makes the whole situation even stranger is the fact that Ninja himself presented the award for Best Multiplayer Game to Apex Legends during The Game Awards. It’s almost surely a mistake, but it’s tough to say for sure. Ninja hasn’t addressed the ban following his stream, and it’s unlikely that he will given how he was pretty confused about it already.

The Apex Legends subreddit tried to figure out what happened themselves, but they too were pretty stumped about what happened.

Ninja was one of the many streamers paid by EA to promote the game at launch, so it’d be pretty crazy to see him go from that to being permabanned.


Ninja got banned! from apexlegends

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We’ll just have to wait and see if Ninja decides to give the game another shot in the future if he ever does get unbanned. After this sour taste in his mouth, it might be quite some time before he fires it up again.

If you’re looking to hop into Apex Legends and you aren’t banned, now would be a great time to do so as the Mirage Holo-Day event is currently going on. This event wraps up in January, and offers a new game mode for players to explore so there’s a lot of fun to be had there.