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NICKMERCS wants Apex Legends Arenas mode to be copied by other games

Published: 29/Aug/2021 11:38

by Connor Bennett


Streaming star Nick ‘NICKMERCS’ Kolcheff believes more games should have something similar to Apex Legends’ “incredible” Arenas mode as he continues to sink his teeth into Respawn’s battle royale.

With Warzone having a pretty massive hacking issue, NIKCMERCS has jumped away from the Call of Duty battle royale and made Apex Legends his new go-to game.

The FaZe Clan star has sunk his teeth pretty deep into Respawn’s battle too, hitting Predator rank in Ranked play and not really dipping out for other games as some other streamers have done.

While he’s spoken pretty glowingly about Apex, he has had a few ideas to fix things. Though, he also believes that other game developers should be eyeing up something similar to the new Arenas mode.


Apex Legends Arenas matchmaking fix
Respawn Entertainment
Arenas has become popular with Apex players.

The 3v3 mode has proven pretty popular with players as it’s fast-paced and offers new ways to play the battle royale that hasn’t been done before, while also being easy enough to understand.

It also has its own pre-game buy system – just like you’d find in Counter-Strike – so you don’t have to rely on finding loot. Though, there are things to find during the match.

How he’d have work in other games isn’t clear, but Nick is all for it popping up elsewhere. “Apex arena mode is incredible,” he said. “I think all games should take a page from Apex because this is like a fast, sped-up Apex game… buy system like Counter-Strike. Very, very cool thing that they did here, I love it.”


As we’ve seen time and time again, battle royale developers love to take inspiration from each other for new modes and features, so maybe it is possible that Nick will get his wish.

We’d have to wait and see as to how other games would implement a similar mode, but there is plenty of scope to do so.