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New Apex Legends bug sends players flying across map in Tridents

Published: 9/Nov/2020 0:25

by Julian Young


Apex Legends is no stranger to hilarious bugs, and with the release of Season 7 it appears players have discovered another entertaining exploit; using questionable in-game physics, players have been sending the game’s new Trident vehicles soaring across Olympus.

Apex Legends, Respawn’s popular Battle Royale title, is no stranger to unintended issues arriving with the release of a new update.

It appears with the release of Season 7, a new bug has been introduced involving the Trident, the first vehicle Respawn introduced in Apex Legends.

Apex Legends Trident
Respawn Entertainment
Players appear to have uncovered several bugs surrounding the vehicles introduced in Season 7.

Players discover unintended vehicle exploits

In the days since Season 7 of Apex Legends released, videos have appeared of players manipulating the game’s new vehicles in completely unintended ways.

One video, posted on Reddit by u/TheGrizzlyMoose, shows him ramming his Trident into an Olympus loot bin. The result of the interaction between the vehicle and the loot bin does not appear to be what the player was expecting.

Threading the needle from the other side of the map from apexlegends

After the player slams his Trident into a bin outside of Oasis, he and his teammate are sent flying through the air. The vehicle gains enough height to clear the mountains surrounding Turbine, then slips perfectly down the chute in the center of Hammond Labs.

Both players explode into laughter after the vehicle comes crashing to a stop inside the building.

In another highly-upvoted clip on Reddit, user u/Xeppeling maneuvers his Trident onto an Octane jump pad. After an initial bounce, the Trident lands on the ground and then shoots off into the air.

When Santa takes the whole sled down the chimney from apexlegends

u/Xeppeling was able to complete the exact same landing as u/TheGrizzlyMoose, sinking his vehicle into the chute at Hammond Labs and making it inside.

It appears that players are finding other ways to exploit the interaction between Octane’s jump pad and the new vehicles introduced by Respawn. Another highly upvoted Reddit post by u/TheTurkeySandvich shows him repeatedly exploiting this interaction to send his Trident flying across the map.

In one instance, he propels himself out-of-bounds and manages to reach the giant balloons floating outside the map before falling to his demise.

Apex Legends Season 7 Olympus Map
Respawn Entertainment
Players have been able to launch themselves off of the map using the newly-discovered exploit.

Respawn has the issue on their radar

Reddit users quickly began questioning the bug in detail, asking why the Tridents reacted so strangely in certain situations. Another question raised was if the new Trident bug is related to an older exploit that allowed players to fling themselves across King’s Canyon using loot bins shortly after the game’s release. That bug was patched by Respawn, but it may now exist in another form related to the game’s vehicles.

An Apex Legends team member was quick to jump into the conversation surrounding the strange behavior put on display in u/TheGrizzlyMoose’s post.

Respawn balance designer u/RSPN_JayBiebs did confirm that while the team does not have an answer for the community yet,  “this will be a topic of conversation when we get back into the virtual office tomorrow”. Expect further updates from Respawn on these vehicle-related issues in the coming days.

Apex Legends

5 most underrated weapons in Apex Legends

Published: 24/Nov/2020 11:20

by James Busby


The Apex Legends meta is constantly shifting and it can be tempting to use the overpowered Legends and weapons. Sometimes, though, it’s best to shake things up with some rather unconventional picks. Here, we break down 5 of the most underrated weapons you should be using.

Apex Legends’ Season 7 update has brought lots of exciting content to Respawn’s battle royale. Not only is there a new Legend that changes the way players handle combat, but there’s also a fantastic new map, Olympus. Using the best guns will certainly give you an edge, with, or against the new Legend and on the new map, but it won’t always guarantee you a win. 

Those that are willing to master a wide variety of weapons will usually be able to outgun any players that simply stick to meta. After all, every new update brings forward a wave of changes that bring certain guns into the top tier rankings. While the weapons below may not be the best in their individual categories, they do have a great deal of potential if you’re willing to give them a chance. 

M600 Spitfire

The M600 Spitfire in the Apex Legends loadout menu
Respawn Entertainment
Don’t overlook the Spitfire in your next match.

Improvements have made the gun a much for viable choice as of today. This light machine gun has a huge magazine, and while it does have a lower rate of fire, it’s something that can aid in recoil when coupled with the accurate hip fire.

The magazine size can also be extended even further by using the level 3 Extended Heavy Mag, and benefits from the highest damage in one magazine. With a 2x headshot multiplier and high damage per shot, the Spitfire is a definite choice for players who are looking to break away from the current meta.


RE-45 Gun in the Apex Legends loadout menu
Respawn Entertainment
This pistol can be fantastic when equipped with the Quickdraw Holster.

A gun that initially saw very little favor in Apex’s primary season, Season 2 briefly introduced Disruptor Round Hop Ups. The addition took the gun to new heights and made it something that people had to take notice of. In season 3, however, this buff vanished. Ever since then, the RE-45 has never regained popularity amongst crowds who are looking to go with the meta and only use what’s most likely to get you a win. But with Season 7, however, this gun is definitely something that can be utilized well.

Season 7’s Quickdraw Holster can be utilized to push the gun further. With it, the gun can be raised and lowered faster, with reduced hip fire speed, and decreased ADS time. The other benefit is that unscoped shots will also hit for higher damage.

All of this means that the RE-45 is proving to players that it can be a viable choice again, and not something that’s discarded as quickly as it’s picked up.

EVA-8 Auto (Double Tap)

EVA-8 in the Apex Legends loadout menu
Respawn Entertainment
This underdog shotgun can make short work of even the tankiest of foes.

The EVA-8 Auto is usually only used during the early-game when players are desperately scrambling for loot. In fact, this shotgun is barely seen at all during mid to late-game firefights. Instead, the majority of players often equip either the Mastiff or Peacekeeper when seeking out those close-quarters brawls. The gun is fully automatic, utilizing Shotgun Shells that fire 9 pellets in the shape of the number 8. 

With 0% leg damage reduction and a 15% drop in movement penalty when aimed, this shotgun is something underrated that can be taken advantage of. Combine this with the increased fire rate from the Epic Shotgun Bolt and two-shot burst from the Double Tap Trigger, and you have yourself an extremely powerful shotgun. 


Alternator in the Apex legends loadout
Respawn Entertainment
While it might be the weakest SMG in-game, utilizing it right can still provide you with an advantage.

Holding the spot of weakest SMG in the game for a while amongst many, this Light SMG didn’t receive any kind of buff in Season 7. Devs have recently stated that it’s in “a decent spot right now”. With a slow rate of fire, the gun does little in the way of DPS, and so it’s something many instantly drop as soon as they find a replacement. Though, for those learning the ropes of Apex, or for those who value a higher mag size, along with fantastic recoil – it’s a viable gun for those that aren’t consistently downing every enemy they come across.

When shooting, all you have to do with the gun’s recoil is drag it straight down. Coupled with fantastic spray control, it’s definitely something that can be utilized well if someone takes the time to engage and get used to it against the other weapons.


Sentinel in Apex Legends in the loadout menu

First arriving back in Season 4, this bolt-action rifle has a fantastic ability that allows it to consume two Shield Cells. This puts it into a temporarily overpowered state. With this state, every shot is a guaranteed 100 damage to shields. Charging for this takes 5 seconds, with each shot reducing the 120-second timer by 15 seconds.

With fantastic abilities, but underrated abilities like opening doors by shooting handles, the Sentinel is an ideal choice. Coupled with penetrating bullets that allow you to hit multiple targets with only one shot, and a high projectile speed, you’re guaranteed to be rewarded for taking the time to experiment with this rifle.

Add these 5 underrated weapons to your arsenal, you’ll secure more kills, no matter the meta. Make sure you follow @TitanfallBlog for all the latest Apex Legends news and updates.