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New Apex Legends bug is trapping players in crates on Winter Express

Published: 6/Dec/2020 21:01 Updated: 7/Dec/2020 13:49

by Julian Young


A new bug has been discovered in Apex Legends during the Holo-Day Bash 2020 event that’s trapping players in boxes in the game’s Winter Express LTM, and the only way to escape appears to be quitting early.

The Holo-Day Bash 2020 event in Apex Legends brought back the Winter Express limited-time mode, which takes place on World’s Edge and features three teams fighting for control of the train as it moves around the map.

Players had already reported several glitches and issues that appeared in the LTM; in one case, some were being instantly eliminated when pushed into the train’s surfaces by teammates. Now, another massive bug seems to be rearing its ugly head in the LTM: players are being trapped in boxes on the train with no way to escape.


Apex Legends Winter Express Train
Respawn Entertainment
A new bug in Apex Legends is trapping players in crates when playing the Winter Express LTM.

A clip shared by ‘u/Solalgaleo’ shows the player trapped inside one of the boxes on the train. Playing as Lifeline, they attempt several actions like firing their weapon, deploying their D.O.C. drone, and putting down holo-sprays, none of which work to help them escape.

While they can perform all of these actions without issue, the player cannot move outside the enclosed area. They can also see others outside of the crate, but cannot deal or receive damage while trapped in the box.

I got stuck in a box in winter express from apexlegends

In another clip shared by ‘u/SirKona’, a similar situation unfolds. While stuck in one of the train’s boxes, they fired their Volt SMG and attempted to move outside of the crate, but both actions seem to have no effect.


The user also describes what got them into this interesting situation: “So as soon as the round started I ran up and jumped up onto box as the train was going down a slope, which is what I believe is what caused me to glitch inside of crate.”

So this happened… from apexlegends

The post ends with the user saying they left the match because being separated from the enemy teams was an unfair advantage. Even though the enemies were unreachable, the player was also technically invincible and could not be eliminated.

It appears the team at Respawn is not yet aware of this issue; they have not responded to either Reddit post or added the bug to their Trello board where they track the issues currently being worked on.


The developer is already working to address “issues with getting killed by unintended ways on Winter Express train,” but it appears that players will need to wait and see how Respawn plans to address this new glitch.