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Mysterious spaceship appears in Apex Legends as possible Season 4 teaser

Published: 21/Jan/2020 22:00

by Albert Petrosyan


Something mysterious has appeared in the sky above Apex Legends’ World’s Edge map, and players are perceiving it as potentially the first true teaser for the upcoming Season 4.

Season 3 of Apex Legends is slowly but surely winding down, with not much longer left until it officially wraps up ahead of the launch of Season 4.

In fact, January 21 marked exactly two weeks before Season 3 is scheduled to end and Season 4 is set to kick off, and it’s usually around the two-week mark that teasers for the next season start appearing in-game.

Respawn Entertainment / DexertoNot long left until the highly-anticipated Season 4 kicks off in Apex Legends.

That seemed to be the case when players logged on to play on January 21, who noticed a large dark cloud in the sky over Capitol City, with three lights glowing light blue in the midst of it.

The lights are more than likely thrusters, which is why many fans are convinced it’s a spaceship that’s approaching the map. Whatever it is, this is probably the first official teaser for Season 4.

From ground level, the spaceship is hard to see clearly. However, if you climb atop one of the towers in Capitol City with a weapon that has a high-zoom scope equipped, you should be able to spot it quite well.

Something is coming, but what else than season 4? from ApexLore

What this could mean for Season 4

Needless to say, the appearance of this mysterious flying object has excited the player-base, opening up a Pandora’s Box of theories and speculation as to what this could mean for Season 4.

While it’s unlikely that the next chapter will be based in a new world, since World’s Edge was just introduced in Season 3, whatever is flying down could considerably alter the map as we currently know it.

The most likely possibility is that whoever is riding on board this aerial vessel will be the next new Legend introduced into the battle royale. There is still no clear indication as to who the next new character will be, but there are enough leaks about that suggest Revenant and Forge are the most probable candidates.

Assuming that this is the first Season 4 teaser, the cat is now out of the bag, which means players can expect more and more hints to be dropped by Respawn as we get closer to February 4.

Don’t forget – while Season 3 may be on its last legs, the content-packed Grand Soirée Arcade in-game event is still underway, so be sure to log on and enjoy the plethora of new limited-time modes, cosmetic items, and more.

Apex Legends

Apex Legends players want “throwback weekends” with old versions of maps

Published: 5/Dec/2020 22:33

by Julian Young


After getting to experience a previous version of World’s Edge in the Winter Express LTM, Apex Legends players want Respawn to introduce “throwback” releases of the game’s maps for them to enjoy.

With Apex Legends’ Holo-Day Bash event in full swing, players have gotten a chance to experience the fan-favorite Winter Express limited-time mode once again, which is set on an older version of World’s Edge.

That version of the map is no longer available in the rotation, of course, but after getting another taste of it in the LTM, the Apex community is asking the developers for more.

“Respawn should give us ‘Throwback Weekends,’ a weekend where a previous iteration of a map is in rotation all weekend long,” Reddit user u/NizzyDeniro suggested.”

Respawn should give us "Throwback Weekends". A Weekend where a Previous Iteration of a Map is in rotation all Weekend long. from apexlegends

Basically, the fan is asking the devs to create a new rotation available on weekends, called “Throwback Weekends,” each one featuring a version of Kings Canyon or World Edge from previous seasons.

Since its launch in February of 2019, both maps have undergone various flurries of changes over the past two years, with numerous popular landing spots and points of interest being revamped, or in some cases, completely removed.

The original Capital City on World’s Edge and Skull Town on Kings Canyon are just examples of iconic locations that players want to enjoy again but can’t because they’re not in the maps’ current iterations. Some players even suggested bringing back content from the original Apex Legends release, with one user saying “Can I get a season 0 Kings Canyon please.”

Apex Legends Kings Canyon Skull Town
Respawn Entertainment
Players want Respawn to bring back old versions of the game’s maps, like Season 0 King’s Canyon.

The post has been well-received, amassing almost 20,000 upvotes as well as hundreds of replies expressing support of the idea. While some expressed doubts on whether this is feasible due to issues of file size and other considerations, the community seems to be overwhelmingly on-board with the suggestion.

One user pointed out that bringing back old maps could help the player base, saying “I think it will bring lots of people online too. Can you imagine Season 3 Cap City now with the new legends?”

The idea could also benefit newer players: “I just started playing the middle of last season. I would love to go back and get to play some of the old maps,” a user said in reply to the concept.

Unfortunately, no one from Respawn has commented or replied to this request yet, despite its growing popularity, so there’s no indication this is in the devs’ plans for now.