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Luchador Octane is the Apex Legends skin you never knew you needed

Published: 3/Jan/2020 23:24 Updated: 3/Jan/2020 23:40

by Bill Cooney


One creative Apex Legends fan has come up with a skin concept for Octane that would put a fresh new spin on the character for the New Year.

There have been plenty of fan-made skins shared with the Apex Legends community that players wouldn’t mind seeing added to the game.

Now we have another great skin that would be a perfect fit for Octane in 2020, no matter what Apex itself brings.

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Reddit user neen87 shared their design for a “Luchador” Octane on the official Apex Legends subreddit and it looks perfect for the game’s resident adrenaline junkie.

It gives him a red and blue color scheme, but the most important part of this skin is that it finally gives Octane a cape.

Octane skin idea – Luchador from apexlegends

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His facemask has also been recolored and the ferocious-looking eyes are perfect and really sell the luchador look neen was going for with this skin.

Apex Legends does have its one-year anniversary coming up, but whether or not they’ll celebrate with an event similar to Overwatch remains to be seen.

If they do, Luchador Octane could be the kind of crazy original skin that would be a hit with players, since it’s already pretty popular on Reddit as well.

EAThe Holo Day Bash event ends in early January.

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Speaking of Apex Legends events, the game still has its Christmas-themed “Holo-Day” Bash event going on, where players can unlock special holiday skins and cosmetics.

According to EA’s website, the Mirage Holo-Day Bash Collection event is scheduled to leave the Apex Legends servers on January 7.

This means players will only have a few more days left to complete any challenges and acquire any cosmetic items they were looking for.