Bizarre Apex Legends skin glitch is making enemies invisible

Respawn Entertainment

A strange Apex Legends bug has seen players reporting that enemies are invisible at the start of games – and it may come down to what skin they are using at the time.

As the popular battle royale game continues to grow, more bugs are being found that could potentially affect the balance of the game, and this is one that players have been encountering for a while.

In a video posted to Reddit on January 3, you can see just how frustrating – and bizarre – this particular glitch can be, especially when you face it first-hand.

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Respawn EntertainmentThe invisibility issue has been more common as Season 3 of Apex Legends progresses.

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The post, which came from user Lynxien on Reddit, is titled “Apex Legends is a fair and balanced game,” a clear dig at the issues they’ve been facing while playing.

In the clip, you can see Lynxien search through a loot crate to find a weapon before turning around and heading down a set of stairs – with what appears to be a stray gun running straight at them.

Naturally, Lynxien didn’t notice the rogue weapon, but was immediately pelted with bullets and lost a lot of their health, before the seemingly-invisible player appeared in front of them and finished them off.

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You would be forgiven for missing the stray gun at first glance, much like Lynxien did, but the slow-motion footage provided after shows a small snippet where you can see the weapon model but not the character holding it.

In the comments, some players note that it has happened to them before, but by the looks of it, it only occurs at the start of a match and disappears after a few seconds. As other responses state, this is likely due to the textures simply not rendering in properly early in the game.

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The texture render theory is probably the most likely reason for this issue. It’s something you see in other titles, too, including battle royale rival Fortnite, and simply boils down to the amount of content being loaded in and the capabilities of the platform you’re using.

Regardless of what exactly is causing the issue, there is no doubt Respawn Entertainment will be looking for a fix to prevent more players from having to face off against an invisible enemy in Apex Legends.

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