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Apex Legends Network concept would make it easier for players find teammates

Published: 3/Jan/2020 16:48

by Joe O'Brien


An Apex Legends fan has developed a concept that would make it easier for players to join and participate in social groups while in the game.

There are plenty of features that Apex Legends fans would like to see implemented in the game, and while many prioritize gameplay elements like new playlists and custom games, others would simply like it to be easier to socialize.

Apex Legends has a basic friend system, but doesn’t have any means of tracking particular groups, or building communities of people to play with. For the most part, it’s only possible to really interact with two other people at a time, and no way of linking a larger group of friends.

Reddit user FrozenFroh has put together a concept which combines the Titanfall Network system, which combines the Networks system from Titanfall 2 with visuals from Apex, using the dropship as a “base”.

Networks allowed players to create and join social groups of players, making it easier to group up and encouraging playing together, while also enabling larger communities to identify themselves with clan tags.

FrozenFrohFrozenFroh’s concept is inspired by Titanfall’s Networks system.

FrozenFroh’s concept would offer players a means of communicating with more than just the two players in your squad without having to use a third-party platform, as well as a looking-for-group feature that would inform those in your Network that you’re putting together a squad.

This would help streamline the process of grouping up, reducing the need to manually message or invite multiple players in the search for available teammates, while also allowing for a greater amount of social interaction beyond the three people in a squad at any given moment – both issues that can be even more pronounced for those with extensive friends lists.

Whether Respawn will ever develop a system like this remains to be seen, however. CEO Vince Zampella recently stated that the developers didn’t plan on competing with Epic’s plans to turn Fortnite into a “social platform”, which involves offering a variety of creative tools, but a more simple system like this inspired by one of Respawn’s own games may not be out of reach at some point in the future.

Apex Legends

Respawn Senior Game Designer wants more “non-BR” modes in Apex Legends

Published: 28/Nov/2020 22:31

by Alan Bernal


Respawn Senior Game Designer Daniel Z. Klein is a big fan of Apex Legends’ non-BR modes, and would want the studio to experiment with a few more concepts after seeing how successful the Winter Express has been.

Admittedly, Klein isn’t a part of the game modes team at Respawn, but the senior developer gave his preference on which direction the battle royale could take from here. Previous modes like Hunt and the Winter Express tweaked Apex’s typical formula, giving players something different to get their hands on.

The team at Respawn has proven they can make modes that don’t feed into the normal BR format but still create products that resonate with their players. Klein would like to see more of this out of Apex in the following seasons, though has said there’s not much to reveal on that front as of yet.

“I really want us to try more non-BR things; I think Winter Express was a wonderful proof of concept that Apex can be super fun in non-BR modes,” he said on Reddit. “I think something Mario Party-like, like (League of Legends’) Nexus Blitz, would probably be a bit too much for a game like Apex, but there are LOTS of cool things we could do.”

apex legends winter express ltm

He isn’t wrong on that final point. Aside from being a solid battle royale in the bustling genre, Apex Legends has something unique that not many games can boast about: it’s incredible characters.

Respawn have injected a vast amount of lore and personality into their cast of 15 Legends, meaning they can produce nearly any mode they want without struggling with how it logistically fits into the game.

We kind of got a taste of that type of ingenuity with the Fight or Fright Collection Event, that showed Pathfinder teleporting into a night version of Kings Canyon which introduced the Shadowfall mode.

Now that there’s vehicles and loads of new gameplay mechanics in Season 7, non-BR modes like races, new PvE concepts, and more can be a frontrunner for possibilities to explore.

Like Klein said, there isn’t anything Respawn are ready to announce for Apex Legends as of yet, but players have loads of content to hold them over until they do.