Lifeline buff idea brings back iconic shield in Apex Legends with a twist

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An Apex Legends player has developed a buff idea for Lifeline that brings back her iconic Passive, but this time it acts in a similar way to Newcastle’s shield.

While Loba and Lifeline fall under the same category in Apex Legends, the Combat Medic is the only true traditional support on the roster.

Despite being equipped with a heal for allies, a drone revive, and extra team supplies from her Ultimate, Lifeline mains still miss her iconic shield Passive.

Since the removal of her res-shield back in Season 9, Combat Medic mains have been asking the devs to bring it back in a different way that’s more balanced.

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Well, YouTuber bobz may have found the solution, and it takes inspiration from another legend on the roster.

Lifeline Passive Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment

Lifeline buff would bring back her res-shield in Apex Legends

The likelihood of Respawn reversing their decision on the removal of Lifeline’s res-shield is extremely low, but bobz believes they’ve found the perfect solution.

Similar to Newcastle’s Passive, the buff concept involves re-introducing her shield but instead allowing it to scale based on the Knockdown Shield she has equipped.

This would allow Combat Medic mains to upgrade the power of her Passive throughout a match and add another use for Knockdown Shields.

Not only that, the res-shield would be a lot more balanced in the early game, as the grey Knockdown would provide very little resistance to gunfire.

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With Lifeline sitting at a healthy 4.5% pick rate in Season 15, it’s hard to know whether Respawn would consider buffing her.

The devs are very cautious about changing characters who are already being used frequently, but this would certainly please a lot of the community.

Lifeline players have been calling for the return of the res-shield since its removal, and this could be a balanced way to bring it back into the fold.