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Leaked ‘Recruit’ mode in Apex Legends might let you play solo – but there’s a catch

Published: 19/Feb/2019 12:42 Updated: 19/Feb/2019 13:25

by Calum Patterson


Data miners have been digging through the Apex Legends game files following the update which went live on February 19, and have found more clues about the leaked ‘Recruit’ mode.

Currently, there is only one single game mode available in Apex Legends, but this isn’t expected to be the case for long, as Respawn will be keen to keep the game fresh, and players are asking for more ways to play.

Unlike other battle royales, the only game mode currently available forces players to team up in squads of three, with no solo or duo option available – but these have been big requests.


Game files have been found by data miner @RealApexLeaks which appear to give new details on the ‘recruit’ mode in Apex Legends, which might (partly) solve this problem of no solo mode.

It is believed that this mode will allow teams to ‘recruit’ new players to their team by reviving them, and these new files hint that it will be possible for players to enter this mode solo, with the files including commands like ‘solo_mode_ingame_presentation’.

There is also a 30 second bleed out timer described, so this is presumably how long you will have to recruit a downed player to your team.


Game files found for ‘Recruit mode’, which appears to be a solo playlist.

Perhaps players will enter the match as a solo player, added to one of the teams of 20 and then be recruited to teams if they are put down and revived. This would certainly be a unique twist on the traditional battle royale mode.

Previous details of the recruit mode can be found below, which suggest that each team would consist of 20 members, with three teams making up the full 60 player lobby.

Players should be accustomed to playing with random teammates in Apex Legends already, and the brilliant ping system helps make it a seamless experience, even if players aren’t using game chat.


There’s no indication of when this mode will be available, and it’s possibly still in development, but since new files have been added with the February 19 update, it looks like progress is being made.

Apex players who are getting a little burnt out on the standard mode should have plenty to look forward to.