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Apex Legends Leviathan hints discovered in Season One trailer

Published: 26/Jun/2019 8:03 Updated: 26/Jun/2019 8:37

by Matt Porter


An Apex Legends player has scoured through the trailer for the game’s first season, and revealed that it includes a number of hints relating to the upcoming second season.

Apex Legends Season One is now officially finished, with Season Two scheduled to kick off on July 2, which is expected to bring a host of changes and updates to the popular battle royale title.

While fans continue to clamor for clues regarding what they can expect in the next portion of the Apex Legends lore, it appears that developers Respawn Entertainment have been hinting at some of the new season’s major plotlines for some time.

Respawn Entertainment

Reddit user FrozenFroh went back to the original Season One trailer, and noticed that some of the shots used in the video are almost identical to clips we’ve seen used to promote Season Two, and the overarching storyline that is taking place.

In the video, Leviathans can be seen marauding across King’s Canyon, with one of the creatures standing beside a broken Repulsor, which is designed to keep them off the island.

Other segments of the trailer show the destruction which the Leviathans look set to cause, with destroyed bridges and flooded areas all spotted with the humongous animals lurking in the background. The trailer also shows the Flyers, the winged beasts which have appeared in the sky since the conclusion of Season One.

Here is a video showcasing what the Season 1 Trailer was hiding and was MAYBE hiding from r/apexlegends

Respawn have been dropping teasers for Season Two since the first trailer was released at E3 2019, with one discussing the erratic behaviour of the Leviathans which currently roam the waters outside of the map, and a new clue on June 25 that states there are “wildlife intrusions into [the] arena,” likely hinting that the Leviathans are on their way.

What the introduction of these huge creatures will mean for Apex Legends Season 2 remains to be seen, but if the images from the first season’s trailer prove to be accurate, the landscape of King’s Canyon may never be the same again.

Apex Legends

Apex Legends Season 7: New Olympus map and new Legend Horizon

Published: 26/Oct/2020 15:45 Updated: 26/Oct/2020 16:50

by Tanner Pierce


After debuting the newest Stories from the Outlands short on October 26, Respawn Entertainment has officially revealed Apex Season 7, with the confirmation of a new map, Olympus, and Horizon as the new Legend. 

At long last, Apex Legends is finally getting a brand new map. After being theorized and rumored for months now, Respawn has finally confirmed that fans will be able to drop into Olympus when Season 7 launches.

In addition to the new map, fans will of course be able to utilize a new Legend named Horizon, which at this point everyone expected. There’s been no official confirmation as to what Horizon’s abilities will be, however.

New Map: Olympus

Unfortunately, details about Olympus are sparse right now. The description for the new map reads: “Ascend to a beautiful, lush city in the clouds. Just watch your step — it’s a long way down to the planet below.”

In addition, we also have one small look at the map itself in the form of an image released on the Apex Legends website. It’s a bit hard to make out but fans can clearly see two large tower-like structures, along with an egg-shaped building in the background.

New Legend: Horizon

We’ve expected Horizon for some time since she was teased in Firing Range but now she’s been officially confirmed for Season 7.

The new Stories from The Outlands video reveals her backstory, although it does little to show off how she’ll actually play.

As previously mentioned, there’s been no official confirmation about her abilities, however, her description states that she uses “her newfound mastery of gravity”, which lines up perfectly with the previous leaks for the character, which revealed that uses black holes and gravity lifts to fight other Legends.

New travel mechanic: The Trident

Respawn also revealed something called The Trident and hinted that it was a different way to travel through the new Olympus map but didn’t provide any other details.

Could this be a new fast-travel mechanic or simply a new vehicle allowing players to get around faster? We’ll just have to wait and see. The developer’s official description reads: “Olympus is a big place. Cover ground faster with the Trident. Plenty of room for the whole squad!”

Trident Vehicle in Apex Legends
Respawn Entertainment
First glimpse of the Trident in Apex Legends Season 7.

Season 7 Ranked

Respawn also shared some details about the game’s ranked play for Season 7, including the confirmation that because Olympus will be added to the game, the King’s Canyon map will be removed for now.

While the developer said that there wouldn’t be any major changes for the new season, they have been testing crossplay in Season 6 with a beta period, and will judge the impact of that after the fact.


The devs are finally introducing the previously leaked Clubs feature too. There are no exact details on how this feature will work just yet. The description reads: “Find like-minded players, build a community, and Rise Together.

Clubs Apex Legends
Respawn Entertainment
Clubs are finally coming to Apex Legends.

If previous leaks are to be presumed, then this will work similarly to a clan or guild. You’ll be able to bring together other players in order to more easily find people of similar play-styles, although this has yet to be confirmed.

Apex Legends Season 7 is set to launch on November 4, 2020, which is a week earlier than originally expected.