ImperialHal slams “loser” Apex pros who use controller exploit to tap-strafe

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Philip ‘ImperialHal’ Dosen has called out “loser” Apex Legends pro players who use a controller exploit to tap-strafe.

When it comes to popular movement techniques in Apex Legends, there’s one mechanic that immediately comes to mind, and that’s tap-strafing.

This powerful trick allows players to make sharper movements in mid-air and pull off hard turns in the middle of gunfights, making them extremely difficult to eliminate.

While tap-strafing is widely used on MnK, it is banned on controller in competitive as it requires changing the Steam config files to execute. Despite this, Respawn has not made it against to rules to use in pubs and Ranked.

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Well, ImperialHal doesn’t understand why the devs haven’t banned it completely, and has slammed the “loser” pro players who use the exploit.

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Changing the config files to tap-strafe on controller is banned competitive Apex Legends.

ImperialHal calls out “loser” pros who tap-strafe on controller

After previously calling out Call of Duty star Anthony ‘Shotzzy’ Cuevas-Castro for tap-strafing on controller in a Ranked game, ImperialHal has gone a step further, labeling any pro that uses the exploit a “loser”.

After being asked about the issue on stream, Hal revealed that he doesn’t understand “why competitive players are even using the Steam config… you got to have at least some type of f**king integrity to be a loser and still use it.”

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Hal also revealed that he’s confused with Respawn’s decision to ban the exploit in competitive, but not make it against the rules in pubs and Ranked.

“If it’s not allowed in competitive, why the f**k is it allowed in the actual game, it just doesn’t make sense to me”.

With countless players using the exploit in Ranked and pubs to gain an unfair advantage, it’s easy to see why Hal and other members of the community are frustrated.

Whether Respawn makes altering the Steam config bannable in the future is impossible to know, but it’s clear there’s a demand for it.

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If the game receives a new anti-cheat in the future, that would potentially give the devs an opportunity to enforce it across the board in Ranked and pubs.