ImperialHal slams OpTic CoD pro Shotzzy for tap strafing in Apex Legends

imperialHal and Shotzzy side by sideTSM/CDL

Apex Legends pro Phillip ‘ImperialHal’ Dosen clashed with Call of Duty star Anthony ‘Shotzzy’ Cuevas-Castro in a ranked game, with Hal accusing the CoD champion of “cheating” by tap strafing.

Tap strafing has, for the longest time, been a somewhat controversial mechanic and topic within the Apex Legends community.

If you’ve been living under a rock, tap strafing is a movement mechanic where you can make sharper movements in gunfights, making yourself harder to hit if you pull it off in the correct manner. Combine it with a controller on PC, and you’ve got a pretty powerful combination that can really annoy keyboard and mouse players.

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Well, that’s what happened to ImperialHal when his TSM trio clashed with Call of Duty world champion Shotzzy in a Ranked lobby, as some accusations of cheating got tossed around from the Apex Legends pro.

ImperialHal & Shotzzy clash in Apex Legends Ranked

The interaction between the two FPS stars happened on September 10 as they come across each other on Kings Canyon.

Hal’s trio appeared to get the jump on Shotzzy at first, but the OpTic Gaming star managed to twist and turn his way around the shots, downing Hal in the process. Despite his team ultimately eliminating Shotzzy, the TSM star wasn’t pleased.

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“I just realized, that motherf**ker just… mans already cheating, swaps from CoD to Apex and the guy is tap strafing on f**king controller!” he exclaimed. “The guy is f**king using his Steam config, you little b*tch. That was definitely a f**king tap strafe.”

Shotzzy responds to ImperialHal’s “cheating” claim

Naturally, Shotzzy was informed about Hal’s frustrations with the fight and had to seek out a clip of Hal’s POV. The CoD star couldn’t help but laugh as he watched the engagement back, but questioned if tap strafing is considered cheating.

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“Is this sh*t actually cheating? I don’t even know,” he said. “That’s funny. If it’s actually considered cheating then I’ll definitely take it off for sure, it’s just so funny to do this.”

As Shotzzy admitted, he doesn’t play a whole lot of Apex Legends, but he’s got that natural skill that comes with being a top FPS player anyway.

With the CDL in its off-season, he’ll probably grind his way through Apex a little more. Though, if he runs into Hal again, he might not want to tap strafe.

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