ImperialHal reveals “smartest” Apex Legends team that impressed him at ALGS Split 1

ALGS logo next to ImperialHal on an Apex Legends Revelry backgroundRespawn / TSM

TSM pro Phillip ‘ImperialHal’ Dosen has pinpointed one Apex Legends team that impressed him considerably at ALGS Split 1 Playoffs.

The Apex Legends Global Series Split 1 Playoffs 2023 took place in London, wrapping up on February 5. The tournament saw TSM crowned as winners, with three podium finishes on Championship Sunday ensuring the $300,000 prize money went home with Hal, Reps, and Verhulst. 

It actually made TSM the first organization in Apex Legends esports to hit $1m total earnings and further secured their status as the best team in the ALGS. 

Now, discussing the event on his Twitch stream, Hal has revealed that one team in particular impressed him with their intelligence. 

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ImperialHal praises NORTHEPTION as “smartest” ALGS team

He was talking about the ALGS with his chat and openly questioned some decisions of opponents – like not choosing the most meta Legends.

However, he praised the Japanese roster NORTHEPTION in particular, saying they were a “pain” to deal with and that they were the “smartest” team in how they played, especially as they opted to avoid Valkyrie, a much-picked character in professional Apex Legends.

“All the teams that were playing no Valk, they were a pain in our a**,” he said. “Most cooked team? I think [the] NORTHEPTION guys are actually crazy [smart]. They’re the smartest team with no Valk. 100% it’s not even close. Every other team that doesn’t play Valk is actually braindead I’m sorry. If it’s not NORTHEPTION they’re just actually braindead whoever’s not playing Valk.”

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Timestamp: 0:52

He went on to contrast their choice to avoid Valkyrie with other teams like DreamFire and GameWard, who were easier to overcome. 

The NORTHEPTION roster ultimately placed 28th at ALGS Split 1 Playoffs, so will be looking to capitalize on their potential and secure a better finish when Split 2 rolls around in the near future.