ImperialHal claims Apex Legends DDoS protection “made it even worse”

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Apex Legends star Phillip ‘ImperialHal’ Dosen believes Respawn’s improvements to DDoS protection have only made things “worse” for players. 

Unlike some of its battle royale rivals, Apex Legends hasn’t had too many widespread problems with cheaters. Sure, hackers have popped up from time to time, but they’re rooted out more quickly than in Warzone. 

Though, there has been an ongoing battle with DDoS attacks. These attacks have been primarily used in Ranked lobbies, with the attackers using them to completely shut down enemies and farm them for easy ranked points. This has led to many DDoSers occupying top spots as well. 

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Respawn have banned quite a few of the most notable attackers, and have implemented improvements that are designed to protect players. However, ImperialHal believes it’s only gotten worse. 

ImperialHal believes Apex Legends DDoS protection has made things “worse” 

The TSM star aired his frustrations during his January 27 stream, as he claimed that the DDoS protection is a stepback now that attackers can target one single player instead. 

“Honestly, I think the DDoS protection made it even worse because not only when you DDoS, you DDoS the whole server the first time. Now, you can somehow DDoS singular people. Somehow,” Hal said. “You can legit DDoS one person and just get them killed. It’s not the whole server anymore, it’s just one person.” 

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It didn’t take long for him to become the target of an attack either, as Hal quickly quit out of a game after it became laggy due to DDoS’ing. 

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As we’ve seen before, DDoSers aren’t shy about going after some of the biggest names in Apex, and will openly flaunt their attacks while someone is streaming. 

The ability to go after single players makes this an even bigger concern than before, because at least when they went after a server of players, you could quit and start fresh before long. We’ll just have to wait and see if Respawn has something else up their sleeve.

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