iiTzTimmy peaks at 147k Twitch viewers after completing Bronze-to-Predator Apex Legends challenge

Alan Bernal

Streamer Timmy ‘iiTzTimmy’ Ann has done it: 54 hours and 30 minutes after going live, the Twitch star has completed a crazy Apex Legends challenge, climbing from Bronze ranked to Predator in a non-stop broadcast, and bowling down all sorts of personal streaming milestones during the grueling marathon too.

A combination of water, Red Bull, and stream’s energy got iiTzTimmy through more than 54 hours of grinding Apex solo queue, and he’s finally hit his ultimate goal.

The 21-year-old streamer previously dipped his toes in pro Apex play before, so he knew what his challenge would entail. But streamers usually have trusted friends to fill out the rest of the squad to help them climb up the ranks. Not Timmy. He went at it solo, and proved it was possible.

“Oh my gosh, we did it!” he said on-stream after winning the final game, before hitting a huge “Sheeeeeeeesssh!” in front of more than 140,000 viewers.

The Bronze-to-Pred challenge has been premium content from the popular Twitch streamer, and he beat a ton of personal bests along the way.

At one point Timmy overcame the insane feat of attracting more than 140,000 viewers to his channel. His previous best was 47,874 peak viewers during his Rust stream in early July, according to Sully Gnome.

iiTzTimmy has over 13.5 million followers on Twitch and they’ve been showing up in droves.

But it was a mad dash to the finish line as the hours began weighing on the streamer, who completed his endeavor late on August 16.

“Holy sh*t, we did it chat!” he continued. “It only took us like 54 hours, and 30 minutes to do solo Bronze to Predator in this sh*t-ass Seer meta. Oh my god, that was probably the most annoying thing I ever had to deal with in my entire life.

“And,” he added, “it was worth every second. I’m in so much pain right now, but we’re doing good. Holy sh*t, you guys are actually crazy.”

The stream started off well: just a few matches in, he was able to jump from Bronze all the way up to Platinum. It wasn’t long after where iiTzTimmy was already gunning down the barrel of Masters, where most of the broadcast was spent.

He did have to restart his stream a couple of times, but he still kept the same title intact, with the same ultimate goal of getting to Predator in one session.

iiTzTimmy was awake for around 54 hours during the challenge, and has now written his Bronze-to-Pred Apex Legends challenge into the history books.

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