iiTzTimmy explains why he stopped playing Apex Legends in Season 15

iitzTimmy next to Catalyst from Apex LegendsTwitter: iiTzTimmy / Respawn Entertainment

Despite being well known for his Apex Legends skills, 100 Thieves star Timmy ‘iiTzTimmy’ An has taken his foot off the gas, revealing why he is no longer booting it up and his frustrations with the game’s lack of progress.

Over the years, iiTzTimmy has built a name for himself as one of the most popular and talented Apex Legends streamers on Twitch.

However, the content creator has been playing less and less of Apex, focusing on other multiplayer titles such as Escape From Tarkov, Overwatch 2, and Valorant.

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When asked why he has stopped playing Apex, Timmy reflected on the last time he was truly excited to play it.

“I would say when this map came out,” he began, referring to recent map Broken Moon.

“I was excited. I was pretty hyped about it and then I played it a little bit longer and then the queues were dead for ranked…and I was just like I’m not gonna play. Like I can’t even get into a game so like what’s the point of playing.”

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However, this isn’t the first time iiTzTimmy has expressed his frustration at the lack of engagement with Apex Legends. Back in November 2022, he spoke on stream about his lack of motivation to play Apex.

He revealed “there’s nothing” challenging about Apex anymore for him, and the game only ever pits him up against “10-year-olds” or casuals who just want to have fun and mess around in-game.

It’s not the most surprising take given Timmy has completed numerous insane Apex Legends challenges, including going from Bronze to Master in one stream.

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With Season 16 of Apex Legends set to drop in February 2023 and the Lunar New Year collection event beginning of January 10, this new wave of content could bring iitzTimmy back to the game and renews his excitement for Apex.