Apex Legends players call for next Legend to fill a big gap in the meta

Jacob Hale
Apex Legends character lineup

Some Apex Legends players have become increasingly frustrated with the character diversity in the game, and believe one group of Legends needs to be shown more love going forward.

With the arrival of Seer in Season 10, the group of recon legends expanded even further, joining the likes of Bloodhound and Crypto in gathering enemy intel.

While the Legend fits very comfortably into the meta of the Apex Games and has quickly become a very popular pick, it has rubbed some players the wrong way.

With huge debates stirring online, a number of Apex players want another support Legend to be added to the game.

Apex Legends Season 10 Patch Notes Legends Bloodhound Seer Rampart
The new Legend, Seer has been the main focus of the new season, mainly due to his outstanding abilities.

As it stands, there are only two recognized support characters in Apex Legends: Lifeline and Loba. In comparison, there are seven offensive Legends, five recon Legends, and four defensive Legends.

Posting a screenshot of a tweet to Reddit, Bender-of-light earned thousands of upvotes and an array of awards, with hundreds of comments, mostly in agreement.

Asking their peers what they think of the under-representation of Support characters in the game, this became a huge discussion for the Apex Legends community. “Let’s get some more support love in here,” said one fan. We really need more supports,” added another, while many others demanded an additional healer character.

There have been several Legend leaks in the past, with Support characters seemingly planned or having been worked on at some point.

Of course, it’s impossible to know exactly what is coming next, especially since we’re still so early in Season 10 at the time of writing.

That said, there are other Legends, such as Gibraltar, that some players argue are also a hybrid Support type. Whether this is enough for these fans, though, remains to be seen.

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