iiTzTimmy explains why top Apex Legends streamers often ban mention of game on Twitch

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Apex Legends superstar iiTzTimmy explained on the latest episode of 100 Thieves Podcast, Boomer vs Zoomer, why so many of Apex’s biggest streamers ban mentions of the game from their chat on Twitch. 

iiTzTimmy is one of Apex’s biggest streamers,  from playing with Post Malone to getting from Bronze to Predator in a single stream, he has cemented himself in the game’s history books.

But of course, just like any normal streamer, he still likes playing different games from time to time. However, some fans don’t quite get this mentality and only enjoy him playing Apex.

In the latest episode of the 100 Thieves podcast Boomer vs Zoomer, Timmy got into a conversation with Kyedae and Peter Park about banned Twitch words.

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It was there when Peter mentioned how steamers like Lululuvely banned the word “Apex” because viewers would pester her about playing it despite her clearly in the middle of a different game.

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Timmy continued the discussion saying it’s very common for streamers like him, Lulu and aceu to ban “Apex” from their chats. He explained, “it’s not the fact we don’t like the game anymore, or we hate Apex, it’s just that we don’t want the chat to be spammed on Apex.”

He went on to give an anecdote that highlighted his point, saying, “if somebody types ‘play Apex’ once or twice, and the streamer doesn’t say anything about it, you would think they would stop right?” 

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“It actually activates them, and they think, ‘I’m angry you didn’t just read my message so I’m gonna type it six more times.”

He continues to say that even when he bans the word, the user’s messages are taken down, and they are given a message that he wants to stream other games. They still wouldn’t understand and still attempt to spam his chat to play Apex. 

“I see the deleted messages, and this guy has typed ‘play Apex’ and has been deleted 10 times and he is just committed,” Timmy said. 

Timmy’s message was clear. Sometimes streamers want to play different games from what they normally stream, and they shouldn’t be pestered into always playing a singular game.

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