Team HisWattson wins $50k Twitch Rivals Apex Legends Showdown 4: Results & recap

Connor Bennett
Bloodhound Season 13 skin in Apex Legends with Twitch Rivals logo

Twitch Rivals and Apex Legends have teamed up for another installment of their popular tournaments, with a $50,000 prize pool on the line. This time, it was rising star HisWattson and his gang that took out the main prize — here’s how it went down.

With Apex Legends Season 13 quickly coming to a conclusion, fans of Respawn Entertainment’s battle royale haven’t gone long before the devs shake up the meta again with a round of legend buffs and nerfs.

As the ALGS is taking a backseat with the season over, it creates space for community-run events to take place — and that’s exactly what happened with Twitch Rivals NA Showdown 4.

With $50,000 on the line, 60 big names in the Apex and wider streaming space fought it out for some decent cash. And although some may say he was snubbed in Raleigh, HisWattson took it home with his squad — Extesyy and Keon — off the back of two wins in the lobby.

TiffaJessi and Verhulst’s squads rounded out the podium, with big names like iiTzTimmy, Albralelie, and former TSM star Snip3down in the top 10. As for the CEO of Apex Legends ImperialHal? He finished 10th with HusKerrs and Xednim.

Catch up on all the Twitch Rivals Apex Legends NA Showdown 4 results here.

Twitch Rivals NA Showdown final placements

PlacementTeamPointsPrize Money (USD)
1Team HisWattson87$7,500
2Team TiffaJessi78$6,000
3Team Verhulst60$4,800
4Team Noko52$3,600
5Team Surefour51$2,400
6Team iiTzTimmy46$2,400
7Team Acie46$2,400
8Team Albralelie35$2,100
9Team HusKerrs34$2,100
10Team Snip3down32$2,100
11Team HisandHersLive24$1,800
12Team VioletLex22$1,800
13Team KarimCheese20$1,800
14Team Hambino19$1,800
15Team fr0stygirl18$1,800
16Team ZeroLoveGiivn15$1,200
17Team GuhRL10$1,200
18Team Vinnie8$1,200
19Team UmiNoKaiju8$1,200
20Team EvilToaster3$1,200

Twitch Rivals NA Showdown 4 teams

Just like any other Apex Legends event, Twitch Rivals NA Showdown 4 consisted of 20 trios doing battle in the Apex Games. These squads will be made up of popular streamers.

You can find a full list of teams below.

Team AcieAcie, hollow_o, Vein
Team AlbralelieAlbralelie, Jazzymanz, noper
Team EvilToasterEvilToaster, EeveeA, SangLion
Team fr0stygirlfr0stygirl, Double0negative, Resultuh
Team GuhRLGuhRL, popR0X_, Princess
Team HambinoHambino, Nocturnal, ZachaREEEE
Team HisandHersLiveHisandHersLive, Dezignful, Tsquared
Team HisWattsonHisWattson, Extesyy, Keon
Team HusKerrsHusKerrs, ImperialHal, Xednim
Team iiTzTimmyiiTzTimmy, sweet, zombs
Team KarimCheeseKarimCheese, Teq, Cris_snipes
Team NokoNoko, Onmuu, BcJ
Team Snip3downSnip3down, SnakeBite, Reps
Team SurefourSurefour, Reptar, taxi2g
Team TiffaJessiTiffaJessi, MessiaH, RamBeau
Team UmiNoKaijuUmiNoKaiju, Bronzeys, FunFPS
Team VerhulstVerhulst, Codddy, Corey
Team VinnieVinnie, DERIDIUM, pandxrz
Team VioletLexVioletLex, Pooch, Naughty
Team ZeroLoveGiivnZeroLoveGiivn, Madness, Mulvana