How to play in Apex Legends PlayStation Master circuit for $10,000 and win a PS5

Apex Legends PlayStation master circuit eventPlayStation

PlayStation is offering PS4 players the chance to compete in Apex Legends for a share of $10,000, and even snag a PS5, in the new Master Circuit. Here’s what you need to know, and how to sign-up and play.

The Master Circuit for Apex Legends is an eight-week competition open to players on PS4 only (sorry PS5 players). Operated by ESL, one of the biggest esports event organizers, this circuit offers competitive players to prove their skill, and win some cash in the process.

If you can make it through the qualifiers with your squad, then you’ll have the chance to play in the Circuit final in July – where PS5s will also be available for the top teams to win.

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Compete against other players on PlayStation in Season 13 of Apex.

How to sign-up for Apex Legends PlayStation Master Circuit

Signing up is a simple process, and can be done online or through your PS4 console.

To sign-up online, head to the official tournament page on the PlayStation website here. You’ll need to log in to your PlayStation account.

To be eligible to play, you must have a PS4 console, an active PS+ Plus membership, and be over 18, or over 16 if from USA, Canada or Mexico.

Apex Legends Master Circuit format & schedule

Qualifiers, or ‘Slay Days’, will begin on June 4 and run through July 19.

  • June 4 – Slay Day Qualifier #1
  • June 7 – Slay Day Broadcast #1
  • June 18 – Slay Day Qualifier #2
  • June 21 – Slay Day Broadcast #2
  • July 2 – Slay Day Qualifier #3
  • July 5 – Slay Day Broadcast #3
  • July 16 – Slay Day Qualifier #4
  • July 19 – Slay Day Broadcast #4
  • July 23 – Circuit Final

To make it to the Circuit final, players will need to have 100 points or more from the weekly qualifiers. The top Slay Day winners will be invited to the final, where they will compete for $10,000 and the PS5 consoles.

You earn points through both placements and kills. Kills are each worth one point, while placement points are as follows:

1st place 12 Points
2nd place 9 Points
3rd place 7 Points
4th place 5 Points
5th place 4 Points
6th – 7th place 3 Points
8th – 10th place 2 Points
11th – 15th place 1 Point

Master Circuit prizes

Slay Days

Placement Prize
1st place $600 ($200 per player) + Spot in the Circuit Final
2nd place $300 ($100 per player) + Spot in the Circuit Final
3rd – 4th place $150 ($100 per player) + Spot in the Circuit Final
5th – 10th place Spot in the Circuit Final

Circuit Final

Placement Prize
1st place $1,500 + PS5s ($500 per player)
2nd place $1,200 + PS5s ($400 per player)
3rd – 4th place $975 ($325 per player)
5th – 8th place $600 ($200 per player)
9th – 16th place $300 ($100 per player)
17th – 20th place $150 ($50 per player)

That’s everything you need to know to take part in the Apex Legends Master Circuit on PlayStation 4.

If you’re looking to get into competitive Apex even more, the next step will be to sign-up and compete in the ALGS (Apex Legends Global Series), to have a chance at competing against the pros.