5 ways to improve stats in Apex Legends

Apex Legends has taken the battle royale world by storm since its release on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. There are, however, various ways that stat tracking can be improved. We have put together a list of five interesting concepts that could bring the game’s stat trackers to a new level.

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While it’s possible for players to display three different stats on their banner for each Legend, the options currently available are fairly restrictive. With so many stats avenues currently being left unexplored, these are just a few trackers that we think players would love to have on display when they’re loading into a match:

Overall Kills

In Apex Legends you are not able to check your overall kills without adding up each Legend’s kills individually. This is a very time consuming process, but an introduction of an overall kills tracker for all characters would be much welcomed. This would also provide an incentive for players to start looking for kills.

Kills are currently tracked by each Legend.
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Reddit user u/PurpsMaSquirt suggested an interesting concept what would record knock-downs, as well as introducing XP for each one that you secure. This is a point of contention in Apex, as you receive nothing in terms of XP for knocking an enemy down unless they bleed out. 

It isn’t uncommon to see players desperately trying to finish off a downed opponent, hoping to gain the XP associated with the kill, but being killed in the process as they take their eyes off the game.

As far as statistics go, it would be pretty cool to see how many opponents you have knocked compared to how many actually died.

Knock-downs aren’t currently recorded in Apex Legends.
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Longest range kill

Your longest range kill is not currently recorded on Apex Legends. This could be in the form of longest sniper kill or any weapon, but Respawn should definitely consider introducing it as it will reward players that achieve insanely long kills with the evidence required to brag about ti to their friends! 

One of the most interesting aspects of adding new stats trackers to a game is that they create an incentive to attempt new things and keep the game fresh in the process. Long range assassination attempts could quickly become a mini-challenge for players that choose to track their best score.

Win streaks aren’t recorded whereas other battle royales do record this.
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Longest win streak

This is probably something that will only apply to the best Apex Legends players, especially those that play in pre-made squads of three. However, solo players do achieve multiple wins in a row as well if they’re skilled enough and their randomly selected teammates work well with them. 

Currently, a stat for win streaks is not recorded anywhere in the game. But if it was introduced, elite Apex players could use it as bragging rights over their friends and competitors. This would also provide an even bigger incentive to win, and add even more pressure when you’ve already taken home the victory in your previous few matches.

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Compare with friends

With the current stat trackers, or maybe these new suggestions, Respawn should enable players to be able to compare their stats with their friends. This should be a key part of Apex as many players strive to beat their friends. Furthermore, this would highlight who really is the best and worst at Apex Legends.

Anyone that played Call of Duty back in the day will know how crucial it is to have better stats than your best friend!

Respawn should introduce a ‘compare with your friends’ leaderboard.

In order for Apex Legends to become the ultimate battle royale game, Respawn will need to implement these new stat trackers. You can add up your kills from all Legends, although you can’t do that with the others as they are not recorded at all.

These new stats would provide a solid indicator of your combat proficiency. What do you think of these new stat trackers? Do you have any others in mind? Get in touch with us via twitter @TitanfallBlog to let us know your thoughts.