Brilliant Apex Legends concept would seriously improve squad play

Apex Legends has taken the world by storm since its launch, February 4th. Despite the game’s astonishing records, some aspects still feature room for improvement. One Reddit user has proposed a new concept to help improve the Squad Overview feature in Apex Legends.

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Currently, the Apex Legends Squad overview doesn’t feature many details. This new idea proposes a more detailed design, while still being easy on the eye.

This idea was first coined by graphic designer @theconnn3, who suggested being able to see teammate’s loadouts at a glance, which would undoubtedly help team play.

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@theconnn3This concept would allow player’s to see their teammates arsenal, at a glance.
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In a Reddit post, u/cellander has made some tweaks to this idea, unveiling what he believes would be a great addition to the game. 

Still a rough concept, this design would give an even more detailed, but clean squad overview.

Occasionally, Respawn’s community manager responds to cool ideas which the fans propose. Although, as of the time writing this, Respawn hasn’t provided any word on whether this will be implemented, or not.

Prior to this concept, on Tuesday Respawn released an update on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Although, it didn’t introduce a great deal of changes, with the exception of necessary stability improvements.

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Currently, it is possible to see more details of your teammate’s loadout by opening the inventory, but you still can’t see their weapons, or Ultimate ability progression.

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Therefore, it’s unclear as to whether we could see this new Squad Overview idea added in-game, let alone when it’ll be releasing.

However, considering the concept has been widely acclaimed from a host of fans, surpassing 6,000 upvotes, it’s got potential to become one of Respawn Entertainment’s priorities, alongside solving issues regarding the influx of crashes.

With the emphasis on squad play on Apex Legends, there’s no doubt this would be a welcome addition, especially for those who play solo.

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