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How to watch Apex Legends DLive tournament – Stream, Schedule, Info

Published: 21/Feb/2019 13:51 Updated: 6/Apr/2020 13:22

by Calum Patterson


Apex Legends is less than a month old, but the potential for competitive play is already being realized, with the first open tournament coming up, hosted by livestreaming platform DLive.

Previous Apex Legends tournaments have been invite only, but the DLive tournament was open to all, provided teams met certain criteria.

The qualifiers begin on Saturday, February 23, with two hours of matches played to decide the finalists, which will play for the $10,000 prize pool. You can watch all the action from the qualifiers and finals on DLive.

When is the DLive Apex Legends tournament?

The finals of the event is a two hour session, taking place on March 2, at 10am PT / 1pm ET / 6pm GMT.


Changing from DLive’s first Apex Legends tournament, the scoring has been adjusted slightly, with the score for winning a match doubled from five points to 10. Each kill teams rack up will add a single point to their score:

  • 10 points per win & 1 point per kill
  • Teams with the highest scores and most votes will be awarded prizes

Grand Finalists

Place Team Roster Points
1 Impulse pkmk, 9impulse, Azee 253
2 AllPlanned Osnazeni, wSerious, AsuraxX 251
3 Noble Esports BlitziiN, mikeysnipey, Dzurv 242
4 Officials JazzyJ, SWOLZ, Dubis 241
5 FPS Macroers flowercat420, Zonsokun, Kudos 240
6 Fragulations BambKING, chiefReligion, Meggsey 239
7 Bunker Boys Mimunyah, RETTEEE, Zerotsu 236
8 Wingman Winrate Rykoo, JonJon, Xenial 231
9 Senzawa M_Buna, Oddwen, gravelman1337 231
10 Hit or Miss TuniGG, freddo, Aeon 230

Five more teams also qualified by popular vote:

Team Roster
AÖH Player53, Jagrael, Paxim
Bots TuPro, NoahFromYoutube, HunchoJames
UMYHU SE A JDU Davsa, MikenWasTaken, RadekH1Z1
Oguncnn Team Oguncnn, C2lee, TUNAJUL,
DroppinDeez foxdigit, Tripeezy, SickPlay

Finally, a further four teams were invited to compete.

Team Roster
Cloud9 PVPx, Frexs, Grego
Team Liquid Blue Casper, Rogue, Flanker
Win Condition ImMarksman, Tennp0, Lyric
KKona HYPERCLAP Jay3, Lassiz, iamtrevormay

Prize Pool

$10,000 in prizing is split between the teams as follows:

Placing Prize
1st $4,500
2nd $1,200
3rd $600
4th $300
5th $300
6-15th $150


Fans of Counter-Strike will be happy to hear that the legendary casting duo of James Bardolph and Daniel “ddk” Kapadia will be on tap to call the action from start to finish.

There is also prizing for the three “most popular” teams, voted on by spectators on the DLive platform. The most popular team will receive a bonus of $1,000, with 2nd and 3rd earning $400 and $200 respectively.

Spectators can win too, by donating LINO points, a virtual currency used on the platform, to the team they think will win – with a chance at winning a portion of the $1,000 rewards pool in proportion to how much they donated.

Tune in to watch the tournament here.

Apex Legends

Apex Legends hints at removing World’s Edge in Season 7

Published: 27/Oct/2020 19:13 Updated: 27/Oct/2020 19:20

by Bill Cooney


Apex Legends players are patiently waiting for Season 7 to begin and explore all the new content coming with it, but fans of World’s Edge will have to be patient to go back to Talos.

The map was added to Apex during Season 3 all the way back in October 2019 and was the second map in the game after King’s Canyon.

While it certainly mixed up the battle royale, it seems like World’s Edge will be on the way out when Season 7 gets going on November 4, 2020, based on what we’ve seen from Respawn.

In a tweet on Oct. 27, the official Apex Legends account hinted that “with World’s Edge on the verge of collapse, the Apex Games need to find a new home.”

It doesn’t take a genius to pick up on what Respawn is putting down here, as it seems the map will be removed from the game, at least for a while, with the start of Season 7.

This wouldn’t be without precedent either. Back in Season 3 when World’s Edge was first introduced King’s Canyon, the game’s original map from the release was removed until it returned in April of 2020.

With Ranked being broken into two splits for the new Season, Respawn plans to introduce players to Olympus, the new home of the Apex Games, before sending players back to WE later in the Ascension update.

In fact, Kings Canyon is already going to be completely nixed from Apex Legends’ ranked playlist in Season 7.

Titanfall 2 multiplayer map Angel City on Psamanthe.
Respawn Entertainment
Apex legends will be moving to Olympus on Psamanthe for Season 7.

It seems likely that the Legends will board the giant rocket that appeared recently on World’s Edge and set off somewhere new to battle it out for the top spot.

As for what will happen to the train and everything else, there was a black hole showcased in Horizon’s Stories from the Outlands video, that certainly seems like it would be able to swallow the entire map, and even the planet it’s located on.