How to get Apex Legends Ascension Starter Pack with Horizon Skin

Respawn Entertainment/EA

Respawn Entertainment has released the Apex Legends Ascension Starter Pack, which includes everything that you need to start out the brand new season, including some Apex Coins and a brand new skin. Here’s how you can get your hands on it.

Starter Packs are nothing new for Apex Legends. The tradition has been around for a while now: a new season releases and with it comes a brand new starter pack that includes some fun items for fans to sink their teeth into. It’s never anything major or packed full of content, but it’s a nice way to jump into the season.

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Season 7, otherwise known as Ascension, follows that tradition with a starter pack of its own. Here’s a rundown of what it includes and how you can get your hands on it.

What’s included in the Ascension Starter Pack?

Like every other starter pack, this one includes both a skin and 600 Apex Coins for in-game use. Given the fact that the Legend this season is Horizon, you’ll be getting an extra skin for her. Based on the artwork it looks fairly interesting, with some shiny blue accents to complement an otherwise white and gold aesthetic.

As for the 600 Apex Coins, fans can use them on cosmetic items for their characters and weapons. It’s not a whole lot but considering how cheap it is, it’s a relatively good value.

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Electronic Arts/Respawn/Sony
The Ascension Starter Pack can be downloaded on PlayStation, Xbox, EA Origins, or Steam.

How do I get the Ascension Starter Pack?

Like all the other Starter Packs, accessing this new one is quick and easy. Because it’s a premium piece of content, there’s no hoops you have to go through or extra steps you have to do.

  1. Log onto your system’s digital storefront
  2. Search for the Apex Legends Ascension Starter Pack
  3. Select “purchase” and input all of the appropriate information
  4. Enjoy revamped cosmetics on the revamped map in a revamped season

After that, everything should show up in-game the next time you boot it up. If you don’t want to go searching on your own, which is understandable given how complicated it can be at times, you can find the direct links to the Ascension Starter Pack below.

All in all, this seems like a good pack to get new players started in Apex Legends. The pack costs $4.99, so if you have that to spare, it might be worth it.

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