Apex Legends players angry with Battle Pass again as it resets stars

Horizon Apex Legends battle passRespawn Entertainment

Apex Legends players are once again asking Respawn Entertainment to amend the Season 7 Battle Pass, after discovering a frustrating hurdle they have to jump over with level progression. 

As regulars will know by now, Battle Passes in Apex Legends have been possible to complete in as little as a couple of weeks in the past. To make things a little more difficult, devs decided to introduce a star system in Season 7.

Previously, members of the community have been upset with the Battle Star system and how “grindy” it was originally to move from one level to another. Changes have since been implemented, though devs have maintained there will be no revert to the previous system any time soon.

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But, despite the positive changes, another issue has reared its head after the challenges moved to the second week.

Olympus apex legendsRespawn Entertainment
Olympus was a popular move for Apex Legends players, but the Battle Pass hasn’t received the same rave raviews.

Apex Legends Star system reset

To rank up the Battle Pass, 10 Battle Stars are needed. These can be obtained by completing a series of challenges in-game, which can shake up the way you play, asking you to use different Legends and adapt play styles.

But, it turns out, that any star progress made throughout a week will be reset and subsequently lost, as the new week starts.

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As highlighted by defyingpotato, if you have nine Battle Stars or lower by the end of a week, despite completing multiple challenges to get to that point, the score resets and you’re right back to square one.

As you might expect, people have not let the issue slide – upvoting the post high on the Apex Legends subreddit so developers take note. The comments below the post reflect the frustrations felt by those who are trying to grind through as well.

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One user said: “Everybody is gonna be p**sed. People were saying the one good thing about the star system is you won’t be at like 50,000/54,000 exp at the end of the week,” while another added: “At least with old system you only needed to do 1/4 the XP for the first level upgrade… now you still have to get the full 10 stars immediately. Literally no reason for it to not carry over.”

“This needs to be seen, I was at 8 stars in and that’s all been erased, cool,” Another said.

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Devs have confirmed a revert will not be happening in Season 7 and that this style of system is here to stay, but it’s unclear whether the stars resetting each week was a deliberate move. We’ll have to wait and see. Respawn are very active on social channels, so it will be just a matter of time before we have an official response to such concerns.

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