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How to easily control R-99 recoil in Apex Legends

Published: 2/Jun/2020 13:11

by Connor Bennett


The R-99 is one of the most powerful weapons in Apex Legends, but it be a nightmare to handle. So, here is an easy way to hone your skills so that you can dominate with the SMG. 

Like any other battle royale game, Apex Legends has a huge loot pool that players can use to propel themselves. Of course, there is a meta that most fans will stick to, but you can use whatever weapon or items you either feel comfortable with or just come across in-game.

One of the most popular weapons is the R-99. The light ammo sub-machine gun is an ever-present in matches, whether you’re playing on Kings Canyon or World’s Edge. However, it does have a pretty powerful kick that can be hard to master.

Respawn Entertainment
Respawn Entertainment
The R-99 is arguably the pick of the SMGs in Apex Legends.

Yet, Apex Legends player TylerSoBored has devised a way for you to hone your skills with the weapon – especially when it comes to being able to control its wild recoil. Instead of trying to figure it out in a match, you want to use the Firing Range training mode and pick up an R-99. 

However, instead of equipping any helpful attachments, the YouTuber suggests that you keep things stock. By doing so, you’ll learn the basics and then be able to get help with stabilizers and extended magazines later down the line. Then, try to hit the furthest away target with as much damage as possible.

According to TylerSoBored, you can simplify the weapon’s up to the right and then to the left recoil pattern by working with semi-circles on either side.

By shooting a small semi-cycle to the left and then moving to an even tighter semi-circle on the right, you’ll be able to dish out the full 200+ damage that the R-99 is capable of.

Obviously, you’ll only be able to master the weapon’s kick by putting the time and effort in, but it should go a long way in-game.

Being able to properly use one of the best weapons in Apex will have you making the jump from bronze to master rank in no time at all.

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Apex Legends dev confirms fix coming for frustrating Season 7 Clubs bug

Published: 26/Nov/2020 23:18

by Alan Bernal


The Apex Legends community has been encountering a bizarre bug that’s randomly kicking people out of their Club, even if they were the one to create the group in the first place – and Respawn is on the case.

The hyped Season 7 feature finally let Apex players initiate randos into recurring squadmates by inviting them into the social hub for friends. This was integrated for the purposes of growing communities and making teams easier to fill.

But now, some Club creators are getting kicked out of their own group and even finding that the guilds they made are getting deactivated with little explanation to account for.

While Clubs can get instantly deleted if they’re found with inappropriate names or the like, players have been reporting no such infractions while still getting ousted from their org.

Got removed from my own club that i created? my friend who is admin was not even online in the past few hours. and cant find any club if i click find club. Other clubs got deleted aswell? from apexlegends

“My club was up since Season 7 dropped,” user ‘IIIOxygenRSC’ wrote. “No offensive name or tag, no offensive text chat, usernames or anything. Logged onto apex today with a notification that said my club had been deleted by club admins. Anyone else or any idea why?”

It’s been happening more to different people, prompting Respawn Entertainment to take a closer look at what could be causing the problematic trend.

Clubs Designer at Respawn, Chad Armstrong gave a little comfort to people who’ve been dealing with the glitch: “Thanks for letting me know. We’re looking into this now.”

Now that the developers are on the case, it could soon lead to a meaningful fix to why people are getting met with a random ‘Exited Club’ notification as soon as they log into the game.

“Several players are reporting that they were removed from their club by the admins, even if THEY were the admins,” The Dot’s Pedro Peres said. “This is probably a major bug with Apex and I know Respawn will push out a fix for it ASAP.”

Though his incident was quickly resolved, more players have been wondering if that would be the case with them as well.

The Apex devs could be working on a speedy fix for Clubs to make sure their new Season 7 feature is working without a hitch.