Crazy Apex Legends bug lets Loba teleport inside solid objects


Apex Legends players have uncovered a crazy glitch that allows Loba to teleport inside a solid object and stay inside forever – whether she wants to or not.

Loba was introduced as Apex Legends’ newest hero at the start of season five, and she has quickly made her mark on the game’s ever-changing meta. She hasn’t yet achieved the status of the most popular character, but her unique abilities have players trying to master the new legend.

One such ability, Burglar’s Best Friend, allows her to toss a set of bracelets around the map and teleport to where they land. This gives her the chance to go on flanks and reach places that some legends could only dream of. Yet, there is an issue that is allowing Loba to get stuck inside some solid objects and unable to get out.

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Respawn Entertainment
Loba’s unique abilities set her apart from the other legends.

That might sound cool and all, being able to hide in a solid object, but as Reddit user Ed_da_head pointed out, it isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. The Redditor had attempted to throw the bracelet over one of the boxes in Sorting Factory but they game locked them inside. 

Loba was able to wriggle around inside the box and watch enemy players run away, seemingly confused about where she had gone. However, being inside the box wasn’t going to lead Ed_da_head to become the Apex champion. Instead, the game dropped them into a crushed and eliminated them from the match. 

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Other players pointed out that there are other spots around the two maps that Loba can actually get inside, but unlike these boxes, she can get out of those spots. That, however, is more of an exploit than an unusual glitch.

As of writing, the issue hasn’t appeared on the developer’s Trello board of problems that are being looked into, so it’s unknown if Respawn is actually aware of it or if they have a way to fix it.