How to buy Apex Legends action figures: Revenant, Caustic & Lifeline

apex legends action figuresJAKKS Toys

JAKKS Toys Apex Legends action figures are available to buy and here’s everything you need to know to get one of your own, from price to stores that stock them.

The very first set of Apex Legends action figures dropped back in 2020, with JAKKS Toys giving fans a way to enjoy their favorite characters away from the screen.

The models are six inches tall and some Legends also feature a weapon in the same box, so keep an eye out for that when choosing which one you wish to buy.

As the roster has been staggered out in different sets, let’s take a look at which ones are available right now.

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apex legends action figuresJAKKS Toys
Apex Legends players can buy officially licensed figures from JAKKS Toys.

Where to buy Apex Legends action figures

Apex Legends action figures are available to buy online at Gamestop in the United States.

Which Apex Legends characters are available as action figures?

Not every Apex Legends character is included in the JAKKS collection, so don’t expect Catalyst – the newest Legend to enter the arena in Season 15 – to be available to pick up right away.

That said, some of the favorites from seasons gone by are featured in the set.

These include:

The latest drop – including Lifeline, Revenant, and Caustic – was advertised in a tweet dating back to August 12, 2022, from Respawn Entertainment themselves.

How much are they?

The figures, made by JAKKS Toys, are available for $19.99 when they are first released. Though, many are discounted over time.

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Alongside your favorite legend is also one of the weapons from the popular battle royale title, included in the box.

For more information on the latest season of Apex Legends, new Legends, buffs and nerfs to characters as well as weapons, check out our Season 15 news page.

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