Shroud explains why every battle royale “goes to shit” when they get popular

Connor Bennett
L: Shroud/Twitch. R: Bethesda.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive professional may have used his CS:GO background to grow his brand on PUBG and Apex Legends.

So, when he has an opinion about something, good or bad, his community – and sometimes even the game developers themselves – sit up and listen to what he has to say.

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Respawn Entertainment
Shroud has used his outrageous FPS skills to dominate battle royale games.

During his June 15 stream, the former Cloud9 player chatted with fans about the state of the newly released Fallout 76 battle royale, which he has been enjoying since its temporary free-to-play release during E3 2019.

The streamer noted that if players didn’t keep up with the new Fallout 76 offering by playing often, they would “get owned” because they would fall behind the curve. That led him to a thought on the scene of BR games in general.

“Fallout 76 is going to get really hard and really sweaty very soon, so that’s why I’m trying to enjoy it as much as I can now before it goes to shit – because I know it will. Every BR goes to shit the more people play it,” shroud explained. “Just because, they get better and everyone’s like all sweaty and it’s just not fun anymore. The start of BRs is always the fun part.”

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While shroud may not have given any clearcut examples, any viewer of his that has dabbled in battle royale titles will know what he is talking about. 

Games like Fortnite Battle Royale started off life as fast-paced free-for-alls, where anybody can win, before morphing into having a ‘meta’, higher and higher skill ceilings (especially with building), and updates that completely change the game.

Those sweeping changes may not affect the popularity of titles, even when players say they’re going to stop playing, but those with the experience of shroud can see the drop-off way before it creeps up on others.