Horizon’s Heirloom finally revealed in Apex Legends Dressed to Kill Collection Event

Connor Bennett
Horizon in Apex Legends holding Gravity Lift beacon

Horizon mains can finally rejoice as her Heirloom, Gravity Maw, has finally been revealed in the Dressed to Kill Collection Event for Apex Legends.

Heirlooms are the most sought-after items in all of Apex Legends, giving each character a unique melee weapon that can go into battle with. While these weapons don’t provide any competitive bonuses, they add to the backstory of the legends. And they prove how dedicated you are to using them as your main character.

At the start of Season 17, there had been 15 Heirlooms introduced to the battle royale, but fans had been desperately awaiting Horizon to be next in the queue.

The Gravitational Manipulator has long been a fan-favorite in Apex Legends, previously dominating the meta across a few seasons. Many were disappointed when she was passed over and Ash got an Heirloom instead. However, there is now cause for celebration.

Horizon Gravity Maw Heirloom finally revealed for Apex Legends

With the all-new collection event, Dressed to Kill, Horizon has finally gotten her Heirloom in the form of Gravity Maw.

The melee weapon is styled on a medieval mace. Of course, with it being Horizon-themed, there is plenty of space and black hole-inspired elements to it as well. Enemies are sure to get sucked into its vortex if you’re wielding it in the Apex Games.

As with all Heirlooms, you’ll unlock it in the collection event if you collect all 24 new skins before the end of the event.

You can also use any Heirloom Shards you’ve had stored away for a rainy day to unlock it as well.

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