HisWattson explains why Apex Legends pros always call out enemies for cheating

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Apex Legends pro Jacob ‘HisWattson’ McMillin has explained why high-ranked players immediately call out their enemies for cheating whenever they’re eliminated from a match.

As with any multiplayer FPS, Apex Legends suffers from cheaters who gain an unfair advantage by using third-party software.

While these hackers appear in every mode, they’re particularly common in Ranked as climbing the ladder and hitting specific tiers can be extremely challenging.

As a result of this, a lot of pros and streamers in Masters and Predator often call out their enemies for cheating as soon as they’re taken down in a fight. This doesn’t always go down well with viewers, who believe they’re jumping to conclusions.

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Well, HisWattson addressed the issue on stream and explained why so many pros are quick to label their opponents as hackers in Ranked.

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Cheating in Apex Legends has become a serious issue in high-elo ranked.

HisWattson reveals why pros call out so many enemies as hackers

During a recent stream, one of HisWattson’s viewers asked him why he always thinks his enemies are cheating in Ranked.

In response, he revealed that pros don’t accuse opponents of hacking because “they’re mad or malding, it’s because there’s an insane amount of cheaters in high-elo”.

According to Wattson, there have been “cheaters that have finished as number one Pred”, so high-ranked players always have to be suspicious and have their guard up.

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Not only that, he reminded his viewers that pros “play against the best players in the game almost every single day, [so] they know what a real player looks like”.

HisWattson did concede that streamers and pros are “not going to be right every single time”, but he argues in most cases, they’re accurate with their accusations.

Either way, this discussion highlights how much of a problem hackers are causing at high ranks and with HisWattson being one of the most vocal pros about the issue, it’ll be interesting to see if Respawn improves their anti-cheat anytime soon.

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Without a doubt it’s one of the most requested features from the community, so we’ll have to wait whether the devs have any upcoming plans.