Powerful Apex Legends hack makes it even harder to catch cheaters

Alex Garton
Wraith Apex Legends

A powerful Apex Legends hack is making it extremely difficult to identify cheaters as the software seems to be able to auto-detect spectators and immediately disable the cheats.

As with any multiplayer FPS, Apex Legends suffers from a lot of cheaters who use various programs to gain an unfair advantage over their competition.

Although the majority of these players are automatically banned by Apex’s Easy Anti-Cheat software, some of them go under the radar for long periods of time.

As a result, it’s extremely helpful for Respawn when the community reports these hackers after seeing them cheating via the spectate screen after they’ve been eliminated.

Well, unfortunately, this may no longer be possible as advanced third-party software can now detect spectators and instantly disable any active hacks.

Apex Legends Pathfinder
Season 13 of Apex Legends arrived on May 10, 2022.

Apex Legends cheaters are hiding hacks from spectators

Whether a cheater is on your team or a member of an opposing squad, the easiest way to check for third-party software is to spectate from their perspective.

This would usually be a blatant giveaway if the player was using an aimbot, speedhacks, or any other form of cheats and allow you to report them instantly.

Well, this may no longer be possible according to top Predator player and YouTuber HisWattson who claims software can now detect spectators and disable any active cheaters immediately.

Of course, this makes it appear as if the hacker is innocent and will result in them receiving significantly fewer reports, which will, in turn, lead to fewer cheaters getting banned.

Popular Apex YouTuber Gaming Merchant also reported on the issue, warning their fans that it might be harder to pinpoint whether a player is cheating or not anymore.

Luckily, the top commenter on their video shed some light on how the software works, revealing that the cheater is notified when a spectator has started watching their perspective. Not only that, this software has apparently been available since Season 10.

“This has been in-game since season 10,” they wrote. “The cheats have an auto turnoff feature when you’re being spectated, and alerts for when spectating begins.”

If these software advancements are correct, Respawn may not be able to rely on player reports in the future, as spotting cheaters via spectate looks like it’s going to get harder and harder.