Pathfinder overtakes Octane to become Apex Legends second most popular character

Blue Pathfinder looking upward in Apex LegendsRespawn/EA

Pathfinder has finally overtaken Octane as the second-most-popular Apex Legends character around, and could be set to dethrone Wraith for the top spot before long. 

The meta around Apex Legends character has constantly been in flux, what with Respawn adding new characters pretty much every season, and making changes to the existing roster as well. 

Over the last year and a bit, Wraith and Octane have occupied the top two spots in some way, both spending time at the top of the mountain. Though, Wraith has always managed to wrestle control back of being the most popular. 

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With Respawn changing character classes and abilities in Season 16, Pathfinder has been steadily working his way back up the pick rate charts, and had settled into third place. However, the Forward Scout is now on course to take the top spot. 

That’s right, players have noticed more and more Pathfinders in their lobbies, as the character’s pick rate has continued to trend upward. 

As per ApexLegendsStatus’ stats, the Recond legend has jumped up to a pick rate of 11.3%, which has put him above Octane. 

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That pick rate is up almost 3% compared to the start of Season 15, before he bottomed out at close to 8.5%. At the start of the season, and the changes to the Recon class, Path’s pick rate was hovering around the 10% mark, but it has firmly increased since.

Screenshot of Apex Legends characters and pick rate for Season 16ApexLegendsStatus
Pathfinder has leapfrogged Octane to become the second most popular Apex Legend.

With his pick rate trending upwards, and Wraith seeing a sharp decrease since the release of her recolored Heirloom, it’s not out of the question that Path will take top spot.

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As noted, it would be the first non-Wraith and Octane character up there in quite a while, so it is an impressive achievement. Though, we’ll have to see how long it lasts.