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Dr Disrespect uninstalls Apex Legends in rage over hit reg issues

Published: 7/Sep/2019 14:33 Updated: 7/Sep/2019 14:52

by Andy Williams


The self-proclaimed ‘two-time’ champion, Guy ‘Dr Disrespect’ Beahm, uninstalled Apex Legends in a rage, after complaining of hit registration issues in the game.

Apex Legends received praise for their creative efforts in the Voidwalker event, but have also been criticized over a sound bug that has persisted, resulting in a petition to developers in a bid to fix the ongoing issue. 


Evidently, Dr Disrespect also has mixed feelings towards Respawn Entertainment’s battle royale, yet he is often seen dominating inside King’s Canyon.

G FUELDr Disrespect has a peculiar relationship with the battle royale.

Dr Disrespect began his Apex Legends escapades on September 6 in his usual boisterous fashion – displaying his unrelenting wrath by finishing off his enemies and discussing Viss and Lyndon’s talent with his chat – it seemed like another day at the office for Doc. 


Nonetheless, the Doc proceeded to impulsively uninstall the title following in-game hit registration issues when fighting a Pathfinder (an issue that has plagued players since release).

His frustrations were expressed as he quit saying: “That’s probably it for me on this game… Get me off this game”, he continued by adding “I’ve got to uninstall it just so I can feel good about myself.”

After uninstalling, Beahm goes on to replay the engagement that led to his abrupt exit, where he implied: “It’s almost like it’s skipping numbers or something.” 


Shortly after, the two-time received a $1,000 donation in recognition of his purge, to which he reacted in typical Doc fashion. 

The incident left a bitter taste for Doc, as he took to his Twitter to vent by replying to a mention that highlighted yet another issue associated to Apex Legends.

Will the persistent issues prove to be the final straw for Doc? Or will his tumultuous relationship with Apex Legends continue? Only time will tell. 

Apex Legends

Apex Legends dev explains why Loba can’t receive a massive buff

Published: 9/Oct/2020 10:26

by Connor Bennett


An Apex Legends dev has explained why they can’t buff Loba too far and put her up with some of the game’s best characters despite continued requests for her to receive a boost.

Loba was added to Apex Legends’ roster of characters back at the start of Season 5, with her thieving abilities shaking up how the game is played by some fans. 


However, as Season 5 turned into Season 6, Loba mains repeatedly requested that the character be buffed in some way in order to prevent her from quickly fading away from games and not being used at all.

While other legends have become stronger, Loba has pretty much stayed the same, and while some fans still want her to be as strong as Wraith or Pathfinder, Respawn aren’t looking to do that. 

Loba joined the Apex Games in Season 5, but isn’t as strong as some players want.

Respawn developer Daniel Klein explained that while Loba’s looting power could be in line for a buff, there isn’t too much wriggle room for her outside of being guaranteed a gold weapon. 

The dev added that they “can do serious damage to the fun of a game by making changes that individually don’t seem broken,” and pushing everyone up to the top level in terms of power makes it a character-based game like Overwatch rather than a gun vs gun experience. 

“Say we give Loba the ability to teleport quickly and silently and suddenly you’re losing fights not because the other team planned an ambush or executed better, but because they saw you and reacted to you by putting one of their members behind you. And of course, you’ll say cool we can counter that with OTHER abilities, but now we’re talking about a game of ability vs ability rather than gun vs gun,” Klein explained, reinforcing that Apex should be a gun vs gun game.


In terms of Loba being given a buff, sure, there will be ways that Respawn can do so, but she might never be the top class legend that some were expecting when she first arrived on the scene. 

Yet, everyone plays a role and if that means she’s outside the meta but still fun enough for her fans to use her, well, that’s not the worst spot at the end of the day.