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Dr Disrespect explains why Apex Legends is turning into H1Z1

Published: 18/Apr/2019 20:23 Updated: 9/Jul/2019 21:51

by Eli Becht


Apex Legends might have had one of the most hyped game launches of 2019, but Twitch streamer Dr Disrespect has recently expressed some fears that the game is taking a similar route that eventually doomed once-popular battle royale H1Z1.

Apex Legends came out of the gates strong when it launched back in February. but it has significantly cooled off among Twitch streamers and viewers. When it first came out, the game sat atop of the directory for weeks, but now it’s barely hanging on in the top 10.

There are a variety of reasons why many of the big streamers have moved away from the title, but Dr Disrespect thinks it’s because the game is giving off some H1Z1 vibes.

Respawn Entertainment / EA GamesApex Legends could use a Lifeline right about now.

H1Z1 was once the king of the battle royale genre but competitors like PUBG and Fortnite, along with poor updates from developers, essentially ran the game into the ground and it never recovered.

While Apex Legends is certainly far away from reaching this point, Dr Disrespect has outlined a grim future for the game if Respawn continues down this path without making any adjustments. 

Dr Disrespect/TwitchDoc had a lot of fun playing H1Z1 in its heyday, but things changed as the game’s popularity waned.

Doc is worried about the future of Apex

“It kinda reminds me of the H1Z1 days where people were really disliking how the changes were happening and what the community started turning into,” he said. “I feel like even though Apex’s community isn’t as strong or vibrant as H1Z1’s once was I can feel things are starting to get to a point where people are itching for this game to update.”

Additionally, he says the game is still lacking in a number of ways: “Whether it’s content or quality of optimization built around the game from getting rid of hackers to server quality.”

With all that said, the Doc doesn’t think things are all bad since he does enjoy playing the game despite its apparent flaws.

“I hope EA is noticing that because they are sitting on a fun, fun product,” Doc said.

Apex isn’t the only thing being compared to H1Z1

On top of Doc’s comparison of the H1Z1 and Apex, Ninja recently said Fortnite was going down a similar path.

“I’m telling you man, they gotta be careful,” Ninja said. “They’re taking on too much at this point and [there are] still so many glitches in the game that have needed to be fixed. Gotta be careful, dude, they’re going down the path of the H1Z1.”

H1Z1 has since been rebranded as Z1 Royale, but it hasn’t quite yet brought the players back.

Time will tell whether Apex truly does end up going the way of H1Z1, but with a clear roadmap in place for the first year of the game’s life, it’s clear Respawn isn’t ready to give up just yet. 

Apex Legends

Ultimate Apex Legends quiz: Test your knowledge of the Outlands

Published: 22/Jan/2021 16:13 Updated: 22/Jan/2021 16:37

by David Purcell


Respawn Entertainment’s Apex Legends was an overnight sensation and it’s barely slowed down. In its two years of success, there’s been map changes galore, new legends joining the fight, and an ever-evolving meta – but we’re here to test your knowledge with a quiz.

Kings Canyon was the original map we all dropped into on that fine day of February 4, 2019. Fast forward 24 months, Apex Legends is still one of the most popular battle royale’s – but a lot has changed.

As we approach Season 8, there’s 15 characters to play with, two maps to drop into, and a weapons list containing 24 different guns. On top of that, each seasonal update has delivered different tweaks to gameplay and snippets of Legend lore for various fighters – which means the scope for our quiz questions is quite broad.

By now, you will have been named Champions of the Arena on numerous occasions. But, do you have what it takes to get a perfect score on our ultimate Apex Legends quiz?

Take our Apex Legends quiz!

Your test score will determine just how well you know the Outlands in the Apex world.

The world, of course, is connected to that of the Titanfall series, which was also developed by Respawn Entertainment. Many weapons and features have crossed over between planets, presumably with even more of that to come in the future.

Fuse tactical ability
Respawn Entertainment
Fuse can launch explosives from his mechanical arm. He’s coming in Season 8.

Fuse is the latest to join Apex Legends as a playable character, with a new 30-30 Repeater rifle being added too. For more details on that, check out some of the stories we’ve covered for the game’s next major update:

Don’t be too downhearted if you don’t receive a perfect score this time, but if you are named a Champion, be sure to tweet us @TitanfallBlog on Twitter.