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Apex Legends Shadowfall LTM leaked: Night map survival mode

Published: 2/Oct/2019 9:51 Updated: 2/Oct/2019 17:24

by Calum Patterson


More details about the leaked Halloween event in Apex Legends has been revealed following the Season 3 update, including a first look at a new LTM (limited-time mode) called ‘Shadowfall’, set on a night map.

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Descriptions for the Shadowfall mode have been found in the game files by data miners, believed to be part of the Halloween event called ‘Fight or Fright’, presumably coming later in October.

The mode will see players drop in solo, but when they are eliminated, they will join the “Shadow Squad” – a growing team who can attack living players with melee attacks.

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A night version of Kings Canyon

The leaked files appear to confirm that Kings Canyon will be used for the Shadowfall mode, with the description stating: “For a limited time, a warped version of the Apex games will be hosted at night in an abandoned Kings Canyon.”

The host of these mysterious games is known only as “the Revenant”. The description of the mode in the leaked game files, courtesy of @That1MiningGuy, explains how it will work:

“Solo Legends fight to the death but with a dark twist – when Legends die, they are reborn on the “Shadow Squad”, an ever-growing faction of dark Legends who return from the dead to haunt their living counterparts with increased mobility and brutal melee attacks. The last 10 Living Legends will join forces to try to escape while the Shadow Squad attempts to stop them at all costs.”


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There is also mention of an Evac Ship in the leaked files, which is presumably how the 10 surviving legends will escape.

A first teaser of the mode was also found in a leaked video file by leaker @RealApexLeaks, which shows the shadow squad legends running incredibly fast, and a demonic version of the Leviathans.

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Although there’s no official release date for this event yet, it will presumably drop either just before Halloween, or on the day itself, and hopefully run into the start of November.

It’s worth noting that the event itself hasn’t been confirmed yet, and these leaked game files are subject to change in development.