Clever Apex Legends trick negates Pathfinder’s Zipline jump nerf

Connor Bennett
Pathfinder using a grapple hook in Apex Legends

[jwplayer J4j9SlSw]Apex Legends players have got a solution to the recent Pathfinder nerf that has prevented them from jump bouncing on zip lines like in previous seasons. 

As Apex Legends fifth season has unfolded, Respawn have been weakening things to keep the battle royale feeling fresh. The source of change came in the recent Lost Treasures collection event as several legends were changed. 

While Lifeline, Octane, and Crypto were the headline buffs, Pathfinder received somewhat of a nerf. The Forward Scout had his ability to jump bounce – a tactic that allowed players to prevent getting hit on zip lines – removed. 

However, it hasn’t taken fans all that long to find a workaround to their problem. Though, it might take a little longer to set up than before. 

Pathfinder is one of Apex’s most popular characters.

The clever method was pointed out by Reddit user J1mSock, who noted that Pathfinder players can jump bounce again with two ziplines. Yes, two zip lines this time, so you’ll need Ultimate Accelerant or a Charge Tower to help you out. 

By setting up two separate next to each other, players can move up and down as well as between them to get the jump bounce movement back. 

As some players have pointed out, the method seems a bit more successful that the previous one as jumping between the two zip lines makes you pretty unhittable. However, it can cause your screen to look a little funky and, at times, make it look like you’re not moving at all. 

Obviously, while J1mSock’s method is clever, having the time to set up two zip lines side by side is a bit of a downside. It will slow you down immensely if you’re trying to use it to say, escape a fight. 

Yet, if Respawn deem it to be too outside the rules, players will suffer as it will likely be patched and removed from existence. Though, we’ll just have to keep an eye on that.