Apex Legends players want a fix to Crypto’s infinite Drone EMP exploit

Alan Bernal

[jwplayer cgdaanpd]An Apex Legends player came across a bizarre Crypto bug that let their Drone produce an “unlimited” amount of EMP blast, letting it make continuously sweeping rounds of charges.

There’s been a few glitches with Crypto and his flying drone, like the ability to infinitely slide while calling up the device, but this one could have strong implications if someone were to come across it during their matches in the Apex Arena.

Clipped by user ‘a_babyshark,’ the glitch shows the drone running rampant on the squad below it. After the player was affected by the initial discharge, they can be seen prepping a Shield Battery to make up for the lost protection.

Midway through the progress bar, the static electricity that covers the frame of the screen signalling another EMP blast had appeared. As soon as they finished applying the Battery, the blast once again wiped out the full shield.

Crypto Drone EMP ultimate ability infinite bug in Apex Legends
The Drone managed to emit multiple consecutive blasts.

These kinds of scenes typically tend to happen during a fight in the closing rounds when there are numerous Cryptos using their ults in the last stages of a match. But there was only one player to account for in the nearby vicinity, according to a_babyshark.

But the clip shows the squad making use of the bug with Crypto perpetually softening up the opposing teams while the other two members clean up those affected by the charges.

“It’s one Crypto using his EMP over and over again,” they said. “He was kill-feeding the Mirage and Pathfinder. In the video you see it go off multiple times from the same drone.”

Some had suspicions that it was a savvy Crypto making use of the Charge Towers, but the player noted that that was highly unlikely, saying: “Impossible even if he was on a Charge Tower.”

It’s unclear what could cause this kind of glitch or if it’s reproducible, but it would surely be a high priority for the Apex Legends devs to look at for a possible fix.

Stay tuned to Dexerto for updates to see if Respawn Entertainment addresses the bug before more players looking to make use of it catch on.