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Apex Legends

Clever Apex Legends trick makes hip fire incredibly accurate

Published: 21/Mar/2021 11:04

by Connor Bennett


Apex Legends players have got a unique, but clever trick that allows them to be incredibly accurate with hip fire shots. Though, it might take some time and luck to master it. 

Ever since Apex Legends launched over two years ago, players have been mastering different parts of the battle royale in the hopes of becoming a high-ranked Apex Predator with numerous wins.

Just getting to grips with the abilities of the characters is troubling enough for some, but you’ve also got to master the weapons too. Some of the best guns in the game have wild recoil, but are deadly too.


Now though, players have got a clever trick that lets them combine the two – character abilities and shooting weapons at the same time – to pull off some accurate shots.

Bloodhound aims Kraber heirloom supply drop gun Peacekeeper Prowler Seaason 8.
Respawn Entertainment
Combining shooting skills with Apex abilities is a surefire way to pick up wins.

It comes from Reddit user IWishIwasARespawnDev who noted that if a legend has an ability that they hold, and if you can still hip fire at the same time as holding it, you can pull off the trick.

All you need to do is pull out something like Bangalore’s smoke or Revenant’s silence, start crouching, and then start shooting to notice the difference.

You don’t always need to crouch either. According to the Redditor, you can run and gun with incredible accuracy while using Bangalore’s smoke. However, the trick apparently works best for controller players and might not be so effective for mouse and keyboard users.


Crouching with Bangalore smoke increases your hip fire accuracy (works with all guns) from apexlegends

While some players have praised the tip, noting that it’s helped them win games, some have disputed its effectiveness given that, by crouching, you give away any movement advantage you might have otherwise.

“I honestly can’t think of any situation in which this would actually give you an advantage over just fighting normally and having full mobility,” said Redditor r4zrbl4de.

The tip might be one where you have to see if it suits you after a bit of work in Firing Range, just to see if you can fit it into your playstyle.