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Clever Apex Legends trick lets Pathfinder’s grapple wreck enemies

Published: 20/Apr/2020 13:03

by Andy Williams


As if Apex Legends’ Pathfinder couldn’t get more overpowered, one savvy player has found a way to use the MRVN’s Grappling Hook to take down unsuspecting enemies.

Along with Wraith, Pathfinder is one of Apex Legends most popular characters. The chirpy MRVN robot has an array of abilities which make them a nuisance both at range and in close-quarters combat.


While Pathy’s Grappling Hook is often used to get the high-ground advantage (which most other Legends can’t replicate), there is an alternative use for the 21-meter grapple.

Pathfinder using Grappling Hook in Apex Legends.
Pathfinder’s grapple can also be used to propel you towards enemies.

Reddit user ‘09monky’ discovered that players using a zipline could be pulled down from their means of escape as long as Pathfinder latches onto the zipwire just in front of their target.


With the enemy looking to make a quick escape, Monky shot a well-timed grapple which tagged the Bangalore down from the zipline.

Clearly startled, the enemy landed and before they could even blink, Monky made light work of the Bangalore with their Prowler.


You can pull enemies off zip lines with your grapple from apexlegends

As a reward for their perfect grapple shot, they snagged a Fast Charge Helmet and some additional ammo, to restock their supplies.


While this grapple play looks simple on the surface, it requires a combination of accuracy and perfect timing to pull it off — so bear that in mind if you’re not well acquainted with Pathfinder.

Although if Pathy is your main, it might be worth combining this clever use of the grapple with your zipline to lure enemies into thinking they have an easy escape… Making for the ultimate solo bait and switch in the Apex Games!


Naturally, plenty of fellow Redditors were amazed with the play, with one Pathfinder main even commenting: “As a Path main, I’m extremely disappointed in myself for not thinking of this.”

While on the flip side of the coin, one user called for a Pathfinder to be nerfed — which isn’t all that surprising, considering the wide-range of uses for the MRVN’s abilities.